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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Preliminary NetBeans cost findings
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2016 07:38:48 GMT
Hi Wade,

first of all, don't worry too much at this point, having discussions and 
trying to grasp the scope and what we get into is very normal at this 

more comments inline...

On 25.09.2016 05:03, Wade Chandler wrote:
>Do no other Apache projects have plugins or distribution needs?

* open office which actually gets helped here by sourceforge
* maven with maven central, which also not hosted at hte ASF
* ??

> Other than build servers, what can't be
> consolidated? What about monetary donations to projects or specific Apache
> line items? Has there been any such talk?

You can donate to the ASF, not a specific project.. unless the project 
sets something up on its own.

> How many other OSS Java IDEs are their? Seem only 2 at the Eclipse and
> NetBeans level.

VS Code not? Sorry haven't really looked at it

> Having them both exist makes the entire ecosystem healthier
> in my opinion.

especially with hte bad mood towards eclipse these days

> It would be a shame to not have one of the real open source
> Java IDEs exist as an Apache project IMO.

It would be good to find a possible solution on the downloads. I mean 
(Groovy project) do have most of our downloads outside ASF to save cost 
(and to handle our somewhat complicated release logic) as well... and of 
course Netbeans has even more downloads

bye Jochen

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