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From Jaroslav Tulach <>
Subject Late is better than never was: NetBeans
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2016 14:10:45 GMT
my name is Jaroslav Tulach and I am founder and original architect of 
NetBeans. These days I work for OracleLabs on Graal/Truffle project.

I've been observing Geertjan's heroic effort from a distance (as I was busy 
with my day-to-day tasks), but finally I found some time and decided to join 
this mailing list. I love NetBeans and I'd like to contribute to a successful 
transfer of the project to Apache's stewardship. Certainly I don't want  my 
silence to be a reason for not accepting NetBeans - that's something I would 
never forgive myself.

I have always seen NetBeans as a relatively open open source project with good 
build infrastructure, and open development processes - I even gave talks as 
part of NetBeans Certified Engineer Courses about that: http://

The one drawback I was aware of was related to producing releases - while the 
code is public (in repository), the build 
infrastructure isn't and I even don't know where to find it. Fixing this was 
one important thing I expected from the Apache transition.

As far as I was told by Geertjan, the incubator review revealed way more 
issues (,, etc.) and I feel a bit 
embarrassed for not thinking about that sooner. Hopefully none of that is 
critical enough to prevent the transition.

In any case, I am here and I am ready to help removing any roadblocks we may 
find while working on Apache NetBeans.

Jaroslav Tulach
NetBeans Platform Architect

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