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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Preliminary NetBeans cost findings
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2016 12:35:45 GMT
Excellent cliff notes, and I'm really glad to see us surfacing the
issues - and costs - of incubating such a large podling.

Question: do you have a rough forecast of how long this expense/extra
infra burden will last?  I.e. is this likely something we'll bear for
3-4 years and then we'll have migrated everything to a better home, or
is this a long-term cost due to how big it all is?

- Shane

Daniel Gruno wrote on 9/24/16 6:17 AM:
> Hi folks,
> I've been going over the requirements for NetBeans infrastructure, it's
> ballpark costs, bandwidth, machines needed and so forth, and the cliff
> notes are as follows:
> - 40-50TB/month in traffic required (mostly downloads+plugins)
> - 8-13 machines/VMS are required
> - Ballpark hardware costs are between $3k and $10k per year, depending
>   on how much we can move to existing infrastructure and how close we
>   come to the original setup. The most likely figure we are working with
>   is $4.9k, but we should be prepared for a larger cost, just in case.
> - The maintenance will be split between infra (downloads, web site, CI,
>   new build machines) and the project (services, plugins, statistics),
>   which will undoubtedly incur additional costs in terms of infra time
>   spent on this, possibly to the tune of $10-20k in the initial phase.
> Certain services like the plugins hosting will rely on Legal giving the
> go-ahead for it, otherwise we'll have to find other people willing to
> host this.
> Other items like downloads may be offset by CDN providers offering their
> assistance, but we should be prepared for this not being the case from
> the beginning, thus the 40-50TB/month. Likewise, some machine costs
> may be offset by cloud providers offering services for free.
> Thus, I would submit to the IPMC that they consider asking the board for
> a budget of roughly $10k per year for the NetBeans project, as well as
> the additional time required of Infrastructure to implement this into
> the existing ASF infra. As we may be able to pool resources and utilize
> the new hardware for multiple projects, the cost may go down in the
> coming years, but this is the baseline I suggest we consider when
> approving NetBeans as a new podling.
> With regards,
> Daniel.
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