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From Benjamin Young <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Apache Annotator
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:21:49 GMT
Good thought, Bertrand! I'll clear that up in a revision soon.

AnnotatorJS's code actually pre-dates (and is in part the reason for) the W3C's Annotation
Working Group (which I'm a part of fwiw). Now that we've got a handful of specs out the door
(much of it based on the influence of this code), the hope is to get all the interested parties
together in a safe, collaborative space (aka the ASF ^_^), and get to work on Annotator's

I know this is a different sort of project for the ASF at this epoch: it's not big data, it's
not from NASA, it doesn't spin up VMs, map/reduce anything, etc. However, the Apache Way is
something this community could definitely benefit from and it's something they'd like to get
started learning and doing soon. :)

If there's more I can do to make this more interesting to the ASF and other collaborators
here, do tell. :)


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On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 9:26 PM, Benjamin Young <> wrote:
> ...
> Please let me know your thoughts on this proposal,...

Looks like a nice project with a diverse community and very experienced mentors!

As a nitpick, I had to read more than half of the proposal to find out what kind of annotations
it's about ;-)

Maybe mentioning the W3C Web Annotation Data Model much earlier would help with that.


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