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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Notes on branding
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2016 14:37:16 GMT
John D. Ament wrote on 6/29/16 7:36 AM:
> Hey guys
> I'm starting to go through the podlings to identify branding issues.
> Touched the first 12 projects, for those that had websites, 4 were not
> within branding requirements.
> I'm not sure if other scan give a hand here on contacting podlings, but I
> went through Airflow -> Fineract, and contacted Airflow, Atlas, Beam and
> Blur.  Otherwise I'll continue to churn through contacting projects.
> John

Thanks for the good work!  Please do report back - here or to
trademarks@ - about your progress and how PPMCs respond.

In particular, any feedback on our published policies/guidelines is very
important.  As we scale, we need to ensure that most podlings can figure
out the right thing to do from the docs, and not as much from direct
pushes by our volunteer mentors and IPMC folks.

Separately, a long-term project of mine is to ensure the branding bits
on the incubator site are clear and point to the right parts of the
formal trademark policies here:

- Shane

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