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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Gearpump (incubating) 0.8.1-RC4 as 0.8.1
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2016 04:59:12 GMT

Looks much better than the last release candidate, however still +0 (binding) due to LICENSE
issues, the items brought up for the last RC have not been addressed and possible GPL dependancies.

All like like there may be license dependancy issues, but I’m not familiar enough with sbt
and the project to comment. This "sbt dependencyLicenseInfo | grep GNU” shows several GPL
dependancies (may be duplicated?). It may be that these items are dual licensed with a license
that is comparable with the Apache license?

I also notice that you have release downloads on your web site. [3] Please make it clear that
these are not Apache releases. I assume this is a work in progress but you might also want
to look at the branding requirements at the same time and fix those as well. [4]

I checked:
- incubating in release name
- signatures and hashes good
- LICENSE is better, but still missing bundled items brought up last RC
- there a few files with incorrect Apache headers [2] (also brought up last RC)
- can compile from source

LICENSE is still missing, in general anything that is bundled needs to be added to LICENSE.
- pygments CSS
- normalize (in bootstrap)
- polypill (in moderniser)

One issue here is that you’re not following the terms of the bundled licenses (also brought
up last RC) Just mentioning the license in LICENSE is not enough, the full text of the license
needs to be included somewhere, usually this is in the header, but if it’s not there you
need to include it. I see you have added some files to the licenses directory but having "Copyright
(c) <year> <copyright holders>” in them doesn’t really tell the whole story
does it :-)

Also What happen to the binary files that were in the the last RC? Has the creative commons
licensing issue been resolved?


2. gearpump-0.8.1-RC4-incubating/services/dashboard/views/cluster/workers/worker/worker.js
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