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From Jakob Homan <>
Subject Podling name search - early or late?
Date Fri, 27 May 2016 18:07:05 GMT
We were getting ready to start the PNS for Airflow when I came across
this comment from Shane in regards to Kudu:
"This looks like a pretty good set of search data, but we usually
don't work on resolving PODLINGNAMESEARCHES until a podling is clearly
established, has a release, community is building, etc."

This is surprising to me and different than the last time I was
involved in an incubating project.  Is this correct?

It seems more useful to determine if a name can be used early in the
incubation, before releases, talks, thousands of lines code, package
names, emotional attachments, etc.  In the event that a podling fails,
nothing is lost by okaying the name early, assuming we don't attempt
to trademark (which we haven't been for non-TLPs, I believe).

Any thoughts?  Any reason not to start doing the PNS for Airflow now?


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