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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Ranger 0.5.3 (incubating)
Date Fri, 20 May 2016 00:11:24 GMT

Still needs some work IMO but if a JIRA was raised to fix these issues in a later release
I’d vote +1 on a new RC without these fixes. Just as long as it’s all sorted before graduation.

Minor issues:
- LICENSE is missing MIT licensed Search Icon CSS copyright Nicolas Gallagher bundled in 
- Is the copyright on this files correct? [2][3] if so what projects did they come from? (may
effect content of NOTICE file)
- LICENSE is missing MIT licensed es5-shim copyright Kristopher Michael Kowal bundled in [4]
- LICENSE is missing SIL licensed FontAwesome [9]
- LICENSE is missing reset.css. [7] Note this version bundled may not be public domain unlike
this one [8] so you may need to sort that out.
- LICENSE is missing MIT licensed sizzle.js bundled in several files [10]
- LICENSE is missing MIT license javascript diff engine in [11]
- I think handle bars require plugin is not WTFPL but MIT or BSD? [12] May require further
- LICENSE is missing public domain json2.js [13]
- LICENSE is missing BSD licensed easing equations from Robert Penner [15] in this file [14]

This is a more serious concern (and has been asked before):
- How is this file licensed? [5] or this one? [6]

As there this is very complex there may of been a couple of things I missed.


1. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/backgrid-filter/css/backgrid-filter.css
2. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/jisql/src/main/java/org/apache/util/sql/
3. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/test/java/org/apache/ranger/service/
4. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/other/backgrid/backgrid.js
5. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/globalize/generator/HijriCalendar.js
6. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/globalize/generator/UmAlQuraCalendar.js
7. ./apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/other/visualsearch/css/reset.css
9.  apache-ranger-incubating-0.5.3/security-admin/src/main/webapp/fonts/fontawesome/FontAwesome.otf
10. ./security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/jquery/js/jquery.js
11. ./security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/globalize/test/qunit/qunit.js
12. /security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/require-handlebars-plugin/js/hbs.js
13. ./security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/bower/require-handlebars-plugin/js/json2.js
14. ./security-admin/src/main/webapp/libs/other/jquery-ui/js/jquery-ui-1.10.3.custom.js
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