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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Toree's One Release Constraint
Date Fri, 20 May 2016 19:37:01 GMT
Gino Bustelo wrote on 5/19/16 12:30 PM:
> In Toree we have an LGPL dependency that is not a simple rip an replace.
> The library is JeroMQ and it is a JVM binding to 0MQ. This is THE protocol
> layer used in Jupyter between clients and kernels (Toree serves as a
> Jupyter kernel). Over the past months, we've worked with the JeroMQ
> community to help move along a license change to MPL v2 (
> The progress showed huge
> promised at the start and we are down to 3 committers out of 31 who have
> not responded. The JeroMQ community is moving towards code remediation.

If LGPL code is included either in your source tree or in your existing
release(s), why isn't that reflected in a top-level LICENSE and NOTICE

>From reading the homepage of the website and quickly browsing the source
tree, the only reference is in DISCLAIMER, which is awfully small.  It
wasn't obvious to me besides that tiny bit that you include some LGPL code.

Or am I missing how this dependency works?

Yes, I agree that incubation is a process, and there is great progress
both here and in the other project towards an Apache-license-harmonious
outcome.  But we need to be very careful that end-users have a
crystal-clear understanding that there is copyleft style licenses in
releases or dependencies of anything at Apache.

- Shane

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