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From Sterling Hughes <>
Subject Re: GitHub vs. the mailing lists
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 16:56:08 GMT
Hi Mike,

On 5/18/16 11:51 AM, Mike Jumper wrote:
> Hello all,
> Does anyone here have any experience with using GitHub pull requests in a
> code review workflow which leverages a podling's mailing lists?
> Since things have only happened if on the mailing lists, it'd be nice if PR
> activity could truly "happen" as well.

We take all our contributions via GH pull requests on Mynewt. 
Generally, the rule is that if there is a significant (whatever you want 
to call significant) change, that the discussion happen on the mailing 
list.  If you just want to comment on small things in PRs, just do it on GH.

> I'm specifically interested in configuring the ASF GitHub mirrors to
> automatically send pull request notifications (comments, status changes,
> etc.) to the commits list, but alternative methods are definitely welcome
> if this is not actually possible.

That would be great, if you can configure it that way, let us know.

Right now, we have to manually merge the pull request via Git -- there 
is no way to accept it on GH and have it mirror back to the ASF repo. 
This is not ideal, but its not really a big deal either.  When we do the 
commits to the ASF repo, it mirrors back to GH, and automatically closes 
the PR (and all of this goes to the commits@) email list.



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