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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: The new project site is up!
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 03:59:06 GMT
(Please note mix of public/private lists)

Daniel Ruggeri wrote on 5/17/16 7:48 AM:
> On 5/16/2016 8:57 PM, Mike Jumper wrote:
>>>> Also, I've been beaten into submission... erm, I mean... TRAINED to look
>>>> for trademarks. I haven't dug through the archives yet to know if this
>>>> was discussed, but registration ( and including
>>>> the TM in prominent places on the site (particularly the home page and
>>>> downloads pages) are things to keep in mind as goals once graduation
>>>> from Incubator occurs.
>> If we don't need to wait for TLP status to request registration of
>> "Guacamole" as an ASF trademark, I'd be glad to get that process
>> going. Is this the case?

In general, we do not expend funds for registrations for podlings until
they graduate to TLP.  As a public charity that relies on
sponsors/donors, we need to be careful with legal expenses.

The fact that the PPMC is already thinking about this and has some nice
consistent logos is great, so don't let that discourage you!

I recommend reviewing the PMC branding requirements, and putting TM on
first/most prominent uses of the name and logos, etc., so you can get a
head start on the details:

The PPMC should make sure to submit a PODLINGNAMESEARCH as per this:

If you're still excited about branding while you're building community
(which I love to hear!) then you can start making a request to register
your future project name by following this:

Do let me know if 1) any of these procedures aren't clear, and 2) if
there's a better way to ensure that other incubator podlings know about
them.  I never have the time to delve into incubator documentation, but
I know there are still some improvements to make there in terms of
clearly referencing the right docs.

- Shane
>> Logos as well? We currently have three:
>> 1) The detailed full-color guac bowl (currently used as the page favicon)
>> 2) The low-detail tri-color guac bowl (the logo used on the homepage,
>> within the web application, and just about everywhere else)
>> 3) A monochrome version of the same low-detail logo
> This is a good question (that I can't answer without making stuff up) so
> I've added the trademarks@ address to see if that's a thing that can be
> kicked off right now. I've also added general@ for awareness/sage wisdom.

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