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From James Pace <>
Subject Fwd: [DISCUSS] A users@ mailing list for Apache Mynewt
Date Fri, 20 May 2016 15:33:51 GMT
Hello. I am participating in the Apache Mynewt project and want to pose a quick question that
might have been brought up previously… Are there any other ASF-supported alternatives to
the current mail archive UI? If there’s a solution that’s been proposed, we’re keen
to here; if not, we would be keen to explore options.

thanks, pace

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> From: James Pace <>
> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] A users@ mailing list for Apache Mynewt
> Date: May 20, 2016 at 8:04:36 PDT
> To:
> I agree 100% on the mail archive. If we could tee this off to a better interface (more
intuitive threading and search) and maintain sync, that would help the community a lot.
> I am also a newbie to the ASF, but wondering if someone in the infrastructure or incubator
group might have some thoughts or heard this before. We can inquire at,
which I’ll do.
> Good to see you here, David.
> —pace
> On May 20, 2016, at 7:55, David G. Simmons <> wrote:
>> As a n00b, I’ll chime in here with my experience so far … Just my $0.02, so take
it as you will. I’ve been involved in a few ‘new’ product/protocol/platform development
efforts over the years though.
>> As a new user and (potential) developer, the lack of a ‘user’ list was (as another
has previously stated) a bit intimidating. I’m not (yet) a mynewt developer, just a hacker
trying to get stuff working. I finally bit the bullet and posted to the dev list and was obviously
pleasantly surprised by both the speed and friendliness of the response. There is a LOT of
value in having the folks actually developing the system see all the questions from the users.
I know it can be a distraction from the ‘real’ work to get silly questions from new users,
but in my experience, the success of a platform is in many ways highly dependent on the experience
of new users. If someone new can’t start using the platform, then you wont’ have new users,
and …
>> I found the archives, and attempted to go through them as best I could in order to
find answers to questions I was having initially. I figured most of them out on my own, from
repeated trips through the docs, etc., but the email archives could be much more helpful.
The problem is that the mail archives are … so 1998. Not searchable, only navigable by year/month,
etc. Having a proper interface to the mail archives would make them much more useful to users.
Even the interface — which has search — would work nicely. Having a forum
— along the lines of phpBB2, though those are notoriously hard to keep spammers out of —
with an email-to-forum gateway would also be helpful.
>> Back to hacking …
>> dg
>>> On May 19, 2016, at 4:42 PM, James Pace <> wrote:
>>> I’d personally like to see these separated. Many of the comments that are coming
in are routine (though very informative) and do not inform the design or development of Apache
>>> And, besides, it is likely that you will have “user” and “dev”  sourced
to the same mailbox or mail filter!
>>> On May 19, 2016, at 11:12, wrote:
>>>> I¹d prefer to keep them together for now.  As this is new, I think that
>>>> developers are going to learn a lot from the users issues or questions,
>>>> and vice versa.  I agree that this will get too much at some point, but
>>>> I¹m really getting a lot from seeing the user and developer issues
>>>> together.
>>>> On 5/19/16, 11:08 AM, "aditi hilbert" <> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> With Mynewt attracting an increasing number of both users and developers
>>>>> of various levels, it might make practical sense to have a users@ mailing
>>>>> list separate from dev@ mailing list. That way support questions about
>>>>> product usage, asks, needs etc can be separated from
>>>>> developer/design/architecture discussions. Of course, there has to be
>>>>> communication between the two groups to build truly useful and usable
>>>>> features, but we can bring some organization to it with the separate
>>>>> mailing lists. Please comment on the suggestion.
>>>>> Let¹s keep this thread open through the weekend to gauge the general
>>>>> response.
>>>>> thanks,
>>>>> aditi
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