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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [FINERACT] 0.1.0.incubating for release
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 05:42:09 GMT

Little confusing if this is a call to vote on the incubator or not but either way this may

If it is an incubator vote I’d vote -1 (binding) due to LICENSE/NOTICE issues and possible
inclusion of Category B/Category X licensed software in a release.

I checked:
- Signature and hashes  good (but you may want to upload your KEY to
- LICENSE has issues (see below)
- NOTICE also has issues (see below)
- Several java source files are missing headers
- There an unexpected binary file in the source release [5]

Your mentors should be able to help out with assembling LICENSE and NOTICE. If your’ve not
done so you may want to run rat over the source release and it’s picking up a few issues.

For the NOTICE:
- Year range is wrong replace 2014 with 2016
- There is no need to list PD, BSD or MIT in NOTICE. Only some licenses require you to add
things to NOTICE. [1]
- Only things that are bundled need to be listed not dependancies. [2]
- There are EPL and CDDL software mentioned. This are category B and are generally not allowed
to be distributed in a source release. [3]
- There are GPL license software mentioned. There are category X and not allowed distributed
or be a dependancy of an Apache release [4]

For the LICENSE:
- The short form (i.e. a pointer to the full text of the license) is preferring that past
the full text of long licenses in LICENSE
- Again only things that are bundled need to be listed. [2]
- Several Category B (Mozilla, CDDL, EPL) licensed items are mentioned. [3]
- The GNU license text is included! [4]
- License is missing several bundled items included jQuery,  normalise, bootstrap, moderniser,
html5shiv, jszip, respond, uglify, glyph icons halflings font, polyfill (and probably others)


5. docs/system-architecture/css/

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