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From Christopher <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Fluo
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 17:21:14 GMT
For the incubator consideration, the Fluo developers submit the following

= Fluo Proposal =

== Abstract ==

Fluo is a distributed system for incrementally processing large data sets
stored in Accumulo.

== Proposal ==

Fluo is a distributed transaction and notification system that enables the
incremental processing of large data sets. Its transaction system allows
for concurrent, cross-node updates to data stored in Accumulo. Its
notification system enables developers to write code to be executed when
observed data changes. Fluo provides a core API to perform transactional
updates using minimalistic get/set methods. Fluo also provides a higher
order recipes API that builds on the core API to support more complex
methods for transactional updates.

== Background ==

Several frameworks exist for batch (i.e Spark, MapReduce) and stream (i.e
Storm, Spark Streaming) processing of data. While batch and stream
processing have strong use cases, they are not suited for joining incoming
data in real-time to a large existing data set. To fill this need, Google
developed an incremental processing system called Percolator and described
it in the paper, ''Large-scale Incremental Processing Using Distributed
Transactions and Notifications''<<FootNote(USENIX (2010),>>.

== Rationale ==

Fluo fills the need for cross-row (and cross-node) transactions in Accumulo
by providing it with an open source implementation of Percolator. Fluo also
satisfies a gap in Accumulo’s ability to incrementally process data. Fluo
also provides a novel recipes API which offers higher level abstractions
for transactional updates.

== Current Status ==

Fluo currently exists as an open source project on GitHub and has been in
active development since 2013. The project has made an alpha release and
two beta releases. The major features of Fluo outlined in this proposal
have been implemented. Several example Fluo applications have been created
and run successfully on clusters (up to 24 nodes).

=== Meritocracy ===

The Fluo project operates as a meritocracy and will continue to do so
because we feel that a project comprised of a diverse set of committers
will thrive. Therefore, we welcome new contributors and encourage them on
their path to committership.

=== Community ===

Fluo is currently being used by a subset of the Accumulo community. The
initial developers have been responsive to external contributions through
pull requests and issues on GitHub. As Fluo releases a stable 1.0 version
that is production-ready, we expect this community to grow. To encourage
growth, we have created a project website with documentation, given talks
at Meetups and the Accumulo Summit, and engaged with new users on GitHub
and the Fluo mailing list.

=== Core Developers ===

The project was started by Keith Turner (an Apache Member and committer/PMC
on Gora and Accumulo) in 2013, and the development has primarily consisted
of his and Mike Walch’s continued efforts. Additional developers have
contributed over time, which has led to new committers.

=== Alignment ===

Fluo is closely linked to the Accumulo community, and fits well within the
larger Hadoop ecosystem at Apache. Fluo utilizes several Apache projects,
such as Accumulo, YARN, Twill, and ZooKeeper. Enabling closer collaboration
between these communities through its coexistence within the ASF would help
further drive the success of them all.

In addition to our technical ties to other ASF projects, our development
philosophy aligns with Apache philosophies. Based on our experience with
existing Apache projects, we are interested in establishing formal
governance with a PMC and community bylaws, which we feel would best be
done within Apache.

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned Products ===

Fluo could be orphaned if the project fails to gain adoption and the core
developers abandon their interest (this is not anticipated). This risk can
be mitigated by attracting more committers and developing further
documentation to ease adoption.

=== Inexperience with Open Source ===

Fluo has been an open source project on GitHub from the start of its
development. Several Fluo developers are committers on other ASF projects
as well as open source projects outside ASF, and understand open source

=== Homogeneous Developers ===

The initial committers work for different employers. We hope add more
developers from other employers and industries.

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===

While most of the initial committers are paid to work on Fluo, there have
been many contributions from developers working independently.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

Fluo uses Accumulo, Hadoop (HDFS & YARN), Twill, ZooKeeper, Curator,
Thrift, and various Commons libraries. During development, contributions
have been made to some of these Apache projects to better support Fluo use

=== Apache Brand ===

While we recognize the impact of the Apache brand, we feel that Fluo would
fit well in Apache because of its relationship to other Apache projects and
because we share the ASF values of meritocracy and community over code.

== Documentation ==

Information about Fluo can be found on the project website at This includes:

 * General documentation -
 * API documentation -
 * Release notes -
 * Blog posts -

== Initial Source ==

The initial source code is publicly available as an open source project on
GitHub at

Supplemental repositories also exist on GitHub at
and some of those will become part of the initial code base (perhaps in
separate repositories).

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==

All of the Fluo’s source code is available under the Apache License,
Version 2.

The Fluo logo was designed and contributed to the Fluo project, for use by
the project, and the contributors would like it to remain the logo of the
project within the ASF, granting any necessary rights to the ASF, while
continuing to use the logo on Fluo-related historical sites and project
pages (such as Fluo’s current GitHub site).

== External Dependencies ==

Fluo has made it a point from its beginning to use dependencies which are
compatible with the expectations of an ASF project. The following are its
current dependencies, grouped by license.

Apache License, Version 2.0
 * accumulo
 * commons-{collections,configuration,io}
 * curator
 * dropwizard metrics
 * easymock
 * guava
 * hadoop
 * jcommander
 * maven
 * thrift
 * twill
 * zookeeper

BSD License (2-Clause)
 * HdrHistogram

Eclipse Public License - v 1.0
 * junit (not bundled)
 * logback (binary bundling only)

MIT License (Expat)
 * slf4j

== Cryptography ==


== Required Resources ==

=== Mailing Lists ===

   * private at
   * dev at
   * notifications at

=== Git Repository ===

     (The developers will use a git-based site for project documentation in
the ''asf-site'' branch of the repo.)

=== Issue Tracking ===

     (Currently, the developers rely on GitHub issues. If possible, GitHub
integration for issue tracking would be preferred. If this is possible, the
Fluo developers could work with INFRA to transfer the existing GitHub
repositories to the Apache GitHub organization to bring the existing GitHub

=== Continuous Integration ===

   * Travis CI on the GitHub mirror is fine (flag set to build only if
''.travis.yml'' file is present)

== Initial Committers ==

 * Keith Turner (kturner at apache dot org)
 * Mike Walch (mike.walch at ptech-llc dot com)
 * Corey Nolet (cjnolet at apache dot org)
 * Christopher Tubbs (ctubbsii at apache dot org)
 * Josh Elser (elserj at apache dot org)

== Affiliations ==

 * Keith Turner (Peterson Technologies, ASF Member, Accumulo PMC, Gora PMC)
 * Mike Walch (Peterson Technologies)
 * Corey Nolet (Tetra Concepts LLC, Accumulo PMC)
 * Christopher Tubbs (U.S. Government, ASF Member, Accumulo PMC)
 * Josh Elser (Hortonworks, ASF Member, Accumulo PMC, Calcite PMC, IPMC)

== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===

 * Billie Rinaldi (billie at apache dot org) has volunteered to be our

=== Nominated Mentors ===

 * Billie Rinaldi (billie at apache dot org)
 * Benson Margulies (bimargulies at apache dot org)
 * Lewis John McGibbney (lewiscmc at apache dot org)
 * Chris Mattmann (mattmann at apache dot org)

=== Sponsoring Entity ===

 * The Fluo team requests sponsorship from the Incubator PMC

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