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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] MADlib v1.9alpha-rc2
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 23:33:52 GMT

+1 on the assumption that future release will fix up the header situation

I checked:
- signatures good
- LICENSE is missing some BSD licensed software
- NOTICE contains too many copyright lines, copyright lines should not be in NOTICE unless
they are from relocated headers [5]
- Unknown if all files have correct headers or not (700+ files without Apache headers) with
only 16 files have Apache headers
- No unexpected binary files
- Can compile from source

LICENSE is missing info on:
- BSD licensed software copyright 2011-2012, Florian Schoppmann [2]
- BSD license software copyright 2004, 2015 Sandia Corporation. [3]
- BSD licensed software copyright 2011 Clement Creusot [4]

Given the large number of missing headers it’s extremely difficult to review this release,
it is impossible to know if an individual file without a header is BSD or Apache licensed.
Going forward to know if a file is missing an Apache header you would need to compare it with
the previous release which is hardly ideal. Hopefully the legal discussion will come to some
conclusion / consensus and the header situation can be resolved in future releases.

A couple of minor things:
- consider signing with an apache email address
- may want to double check copyright line in this file [1]


1. ./src/ports/postgres/modules/pmml/table_to_pmml.sql_in
2. ./src/ports/postgres/cmake/FindPostgreSQL.cmake
3. ./cmake/UseLATEX.cmake
4. ./cmake/FindArmadillo.cmake
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