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From "Colin P. McCabe" <>
Subject Re: VOTE: HTrace 4.1 release
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2016 08:51:26 GMT
On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 5:24 PM, Justin Mclean <> wrote:
> Hi,
> +1 binding
> I checked:
> - artefact name contains incubating
> - DISCLAIMER exists
> - NOTICE is OK but has a little extra info in it
> - no unexpected binaries in release
> - all source files have apache headers
> - can compile form source

Thanks for reviewing this and for the +1, Justin.

> Please place the release files in the correct place and not in people @. Note this is
as MUST in incubator policy. [1]

Right.  The reason why the files are inside my user account rather
than inside where all the
previous release artifacts are is because the release hasn't been
finalized yet.

> - Remove at least one of the last two paragraphs from NOTICE [2]
> - Zipkin notice file [4] has a NOTICE file but from what I assume you are using I think
you only need the "Zipkin is a distributed tracing system. Copyright 2012 Twitter, Inc.”
part in NOTICE. However I’m not even sure that's needed the only two file I can see [5]
are licensed to the ASF and not Twitter. (Question is anything bundled or is it just a dependancy?)

We don't bundle anything from Twitter.  The Zipkin code is
ASF-licensed and it is a connector for Zipkin, not Zipkin itself.

Hmm.  If I understand correctly, the paragraph starting with "Apache
HTrace includes an Apache Thrift connector to Zipkin...." is
superfluous.  I filed HTRACE-345 to remove this.

> - Rather than urls to licenses it’s required by most licenses to actually include the
full text of the license. It would be better the the URLs were replaced with file paths to
local copies of the licenses. Reason being that the licenses at those URLs may change. (And
has for instance done for bootstrap)

That makes sense.  Do you have an example of a project which does this
right?  I looked in the Hadoop repo and I can't find any
acknowledgement in LICENSE.txt of bootstrap at all, let alone

> - LICENSE is missing MIT licensed normalize.css it’s inside [3] (and the other bootstrap



> Thanks,
> Justin
> 1.
> 2.
> 3. ./htrace-hbase/src/main/webapps/htrace/bootstrap.min.css
> 4.
> 5.
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