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From Dor Ben Dov <>
Subject RE: [MARKETING] Re: License question
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2016 07:44:28 GMT

Thanks for the answer as well.


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From: Dirk-Willem van Gulik [] 
Sent: יום ב 22 פברואר 2016 20:25
Subject: [MARKETING] Re: License question

On 21 Feb 2016, at 14:25, Dor Ben Dov <> wrote:

> Let's say I (company) go the ASF way.
> To incubator and later on into TLP.
> Does it mean that the license would be in the end only Apache License 2 ? or can it still
remain for example, lgpl ?

Any and all code the ASF releases/distributes is under the Apache license. 

Likewise; any further contributions to that code that Apache receives and, which under the
auspices of the PMC, are incorporated into the codebase, are released under the ASF license.

It is (initially) possible for the (original) author of the code to also distribute the (originally
donated) code under an different license. 

So then there are two strands. One maintained at the ASF and one maintained by the original

Over time the two versions are likely to start to differ. And the fixes/improvements made
to the ASF strand are only available under the ASF license.

It is possible for that author to incorporate these apache changes to his version of the code
base. These will then be under the apache license. So at that point the original author his
derived work will be under the apache license for the apache part of the code; and under some
other license of his or her choosing for the rest.

It is also possible for a totally different third party to combine the apache code base with
his or her ‘own’ fixes or special changes - and release that as a derived work; keeping
their ‘own’ fixes under a different, potentially more restricted, license.

This is fairly common - for example the IBM WebSphere and Oracle product suites contain apache
code (under an ASF license) augmented by a lot of proprietary code from these companies,

> By means, when It is Apache License 2, can one company take this open source and offer
support for it for money ? or adopt it and sell it ?

The Apache license allows for a wide range of business models. A company can offer support
on it; can make a commercial version; can add its own (commercial) modules, make a special
binary only version for an arcane platform, etc, etc. It can make that special version open
source or it can hoard it.

However the (original) apache source code continues to be available under the Apache License
- as is any further contribution given to the ASF.

Or in other words - you can pretty much do with it what you want - but the apache version
is always available under an apache license.


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