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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Adopting non-ASF AL projects (was Re: [DISCUSS] Kudu incubator proposal)
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2015 08:01:54 GMT
OK, next draft below.  Some comments first:

On 11/29/15, 6:25 AM, "Ted Dunning" <> wrote:

>Here are a couple of comments, mostly kind of independent:
>a) this is a good start. Very sound directionally.
>b) are you just re-inventing the ICLA?

In my mind, the ICLA represents your formal pledge to be part of an ASF
community and continue to contribute.  It has to be recorded by the
secretary and reads like legal-ese   I am trying for a hopefully quicker
and easier informal adoption. I really don't expect the past contributors
to join this new family (i.e. work on this code at the ASF).  The ones who
want to truly join will have to sign an ICLA and be voted in as a

>c) is there a need to mention disbanding the original community?  Could
>that be framed more positively as "We would love to have you come be part
>of the Apache Flex if you are interested in making further contributions".

Ok, took out the disbanded part in #4 and added the above sentence to #5.


---- Draft 2 -----

[Friendly intro]

A major contributor of XXX has indicated a desire to have the Apache
Software Foundation's Apache Flex project be the new home of future
development of the XXX code.  Normally, this is called a "donation" and
requires a bunch of legal paperwork, but because this code base is already
licensed under Apache License 2.0, your contributions may be donated to
the ASF by replying to this email to affirm that:

1) You agree that the code you wrote is licensed under Apache License 2.0
2) You understand that under the Apache License 2.0, you retain the
copyright of the code you wrote.  You are only granting  a license to not
only the Apache Software Foundation (the ASF), but to anyone else as well.
3) You understand that if we cannot get enough affirmative emails from
enough contributors to this code base, the "donation" may be abandoned.
4) You understand that if this "donation" is completed, future downloads
should come from, and changes applied to, the code base in an
ASF-controlled code management and distribution system, and discussion
about the code base should happen on Apache Flex mailing lists.
5) You understand that if you are not already an Apache Flex Committer and
wish to have continued involvement in changes to this code base, we can
discuss separately the steps to become a Committer.  We would love to have
you come be part of Apache Flex if you are interested in making further

Alex Harui, for the
Apache Flex PMC.
----- End Draft 2 -----

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