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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: IP clearance for properly licensed code
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2015 05:02:57 GMT
And I believe the “external” or “third-party” code should not be listed in
the SGA’s Exhibit A since those files are not being submitted to the ASF.

There is some documentation on how to handle third-party code.  I think
one doc is [1] which has links to other places.



On 11/9/15, 6:58 PM, "Rob Vesse" <> wrote:

>You are quite right
>Apache projects can incorporate code under suitable licenses provided that
>they properly attribute it in their NOTICE and LICENSE files.  Exact
>requirements will depend on the license under which the external source
>code is incorporated.
>For a simple case like this it would most likely just require placing some
>text like the following into the LICENSE file:
>The following code/components are under a Foo License
>[Foo License text]
>Essentially all copyright owners of the code original to the incoming
>project need to provide CLAs and/or SGAs as appropriate and any external
>code incorporated into the code base needs to be under Apache compatible
>licenses and appropriately attributed
>On 09/11/2015 18:11, "Todd Lipcon" < on behalf of
>> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Another hopefully simple question:
>>The Mentor guide contains the following text:
>>> Existing codebases need to be imported through the standard IP
>>> process. This means that a Software Grant Agreement (SGA
>>> <>) or Contributor License
>>> Agreement (CLA <>) need to be
>>> submitted for all copyright owners. This process may take a while so it
>>> best to start as soon as the podling is accepted.
>>How does this rule apply to sections of code that are released publicly
>>under a suitable license (eg Apache/BSD/MIT) but were originally written
>>from a different context? For example, I am working on an incubation
>>proposal for a project that includes portions of code copied from the
>>Chromium open source project, which is released under a BSD license but
>>holds a copyright notice by "The Chromium Authors". It's unlikely that
>>these authors would submit the appropriate paperwork to the ASF.
>>Assuming that the imported project retains the notice of the original
>>copyright, and the commits which import the code suitably track the
>>provenance of the code, my understanding is this is acceptable under the
>>licenses and foundation policy. However, the text in the mentor guide
>>to indicate otherwise.
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