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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: IP clearance for properly licensed code
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2015 02:58:47 GMT
You are quite right

Apache projects can incorporate code under suitable licenses provided that
they properly attribute it in their NOTICE and LICENSE files.  Exact
requirements will depend on the license under which the external source
code is incorporated.

For a simple case like this it would most likely just require placing some
text like the following into the LICENSE file:

The following code/components are under a Foo License

[Foo License text]

Essentially all copyright owners of the code original to the incoming
project need to provide CLAs and/or SGAs as appropriate and any external
code incorporated into the code base needs to be under Apache compatible
licenses and appropriately attributed


On 09/11/2015 18:11, "Todd Lipcon" < on behalf of> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Another hopefully simple question:
>The Mentor guide contains the following text:
>> Existing codebases need to be imported through the standard IP clearance
>> process. This means that a Software Grant Agreement (SGA
>> <>) or Contributor License
>> Agreement (CLA <>) need to be
>> submitted for all copyright owners. This process may take a while so it
>> best to start as soon as the podling is accepted.
>How does this rule apply to sections of code that are released publicly
>under a suitable license (eg Apache/BSD/MIT) but were originally written
>from a different context? For example, I am working on an incubation
>proposal for a project that includes portions of code copied from the
>Chromium open source project, which is released under a BSD license but
>holds a copyright notice by "The Chromium Authors". It's unlikely that
>these authors would submit the appropriate paperwork to the ASF.
>Assuming that the imported project retains the notice of the original
>copyright, and the commits which import the code suitably track the
>provenance of the code, my understanding is this is acceptable under the
>licenses and foundation policy. However, the text in the mentor guide
>to indicate otherwise.

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