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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: RTC vs CTR (was: Concerning Sentry...)
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:29:13 GMT
Le 18/11/15 17:54, Ross Gardler a écrit :
> Summarizing:
> In a healthy project I believe that the only significant things that change between CTR
and RTC are:
> 1) speed of commit (CTR is faster)
> 2) quality of master, not releases (RTC catches most issues before commit, CTR shortly
after commit)
> I agree with others, nothing in the Apache Way says RTC is bad. Personally I believe
CTR builds communities faster, but there are successful RTC projects. What really matters
is  managing the trade off above.
> Justification (mostly a repeat of what has been said already):
> I don't care what the website says. If I have a personal interest in a project succeeding
then I will do everything in my power to ensure it succeeds. I assume the same is true for
everyone else. This means that "mandatory" reviews are not required because they just get
done by the people who care about project success.
> RTC does not guarantee reviews any more than CTR does, despite what a web page says.
It merely guarantees a way period in which someone will give a patch a cursory glance. I'm
not saying this is the normal RTC behavior, I'm merely saying this is all that is guaranteed.
Fortunately the process doesn't change the way most people behave in a project, we can still
trust them to do their reviews.
> Furthermore, there seems to be an assumption that CTR means complex or controversial
code will be committed. In my experience this is not true. People don't like to waste time
writing code that may be rejected. What I see is people discussing such changes, and providing
psuedo code and then real code for review before committing to master. It saves time to get
early review.


Thi is well summarized. We don't care what the project picks (CTR or
RTC), because at the end of the day, nobody can ensure the 'review' is
done. The only difference between teh two modes is that you expect the
+1 to be gathered before the commit in RTC, which is likely to be
bypassed at some poing by those who don't have time to review
thouroughly the commits.

And those who think that with RTC, it will never happen, then they
should be aware that it's already a battle to get PMC members to
actually *review* a release befoe casting a vote :/

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