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From Atri Sharma <>
Subject Re: Concerted Proposal
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 19:05:02 GMT
If Incubator PMC sees fit, can I move this  thread to a discuss thread to
discuss accepting of Concerted into ASF Incubator?
On 5 Oct 2015 14:24, <> wrote:

> As a member of Concerted community, I believe that acceptance into ASF
> Incubator is beneficial for Concerted especially in terms of community
> support. Being an independent project on github really does not help when
> we want to build a healthy community of people interested in Concerted and
> aiming to take Concerted to ultimate goal we have i.e. being the primary in
> memory support framework for big data engines. I really feel that
> bootstrapping the existing code base and community into ASF will generate
> much more interest, visibility and allow the community to be regulated in a
> much better manner.
> Also, I agree with Atri on the fact that since our eventual goal is to be
> supporting existing big data projects, working with them early on is a
> great way to improve our roadmap and get contributions from those projects.
> As a person who has been revamping Concerted code base for a while now, I
> believe that the existing code base is a great place to pick up the main
> development of Concerted.
> Nupur
> On 05/10/2015 02:09 PM, Atri Sharma wrote:
>> While I do not disagree with the fact that the code base can evolve at
>> github, the situation here is a bit different. Preliminary though it is,
>> Concerted does have an existing code base. The bigger question is having
>> the code base evolve at a higher frequency with a wider community.
>> I think that if Concerted becomes a part of ASF Incubator, it has a much
>> higher chance of evolving into a wider product with a much better
>> alignment
>> with the existing Apache big data ecosystem. Concerted provides the
>> ability
>> to DIY big data in memory support engines, with a high degree of custom
>> building for each user project.
>> The reason why Concerted is proposed to become part of ASF Incubator is
>> that Concerted is a small project right now, with a roadmap and a set of
>> developers. Getting into ASF allows the Concerted project to have much
>> better visibility with existing big data projects, which will then allow
>> Concerted to be developed with more goals in mind. Please note that
>> eventual goal of Concerted is to be supporting existing big data engines
>> with on demand custom in memory support. Since the primary target is
>> Apache
>> big data space, I think it makes sense to be bootstrapping into ASF early
>> on.
>> Second, ASF will allow Concerted to have better community support and
>> management. As mentioned earlier, visibility and integration with other
>> ASF
>> projects will allow those projects to contribute to Concerted if they want
>> to mold it. Also, being a part of ASF anyways helps build community and
>> manage it in a much better manner.
>> I think Roman put it aptly when he mentioned Apache Drill. I think Apache
>> Drill came to ASF Incubator with a goal and a community, and Concerted
>> comes with the same goal. We already have a small community of active
>> people, and who are excited at prospect of joining the Incubator.
>> Please also note that Concerted does not aim to become a large project
>> like
>> Apache Spark (although that might change with time). Community current
>> aims
>> are to become a lightweight in memory support engine building framework,
>> with a small but well managed community and code base. So, the existing
>> code base might actually be a great starting point for us to be
>> bootstrapped into ASF Incubator, build community and build the existing
>> framework into a much more mature project dedicated at supporting ASF big
>> data projects.
>> Thoughts?
>> Regards,
>> Atri
>> On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 1:39 PM, Sergio Fernández <>
>> wrote:
>> Well, I think what we should ask ourselves is if this is actually the role
>>> of ASF incubation. FMPOV the project will evolve much easier at github,
>>> and
>>> once the code base becomes a reality we can help mentoring the project in
>>> the Apache way. But this is just my personal opinion.
>>> On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 8:18 AM, Ted Dunning <>
>>> wrote:
>>> It looks like there is plenty of mentor-power left on the project. I
>>>> don't
>>>> see why one mentor dropping out from a good and large group is a
>>>> problem.
>>>> On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 8:08 AM, Roman Shaposhnik <>
>>>> wrote:
>>>> > Hi!
>>>> >
>>>> > as some of you know, Atri and I have been
>>>> > discussing his Concerted Proposal lately:
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> > At this point I can no longer offer my mentorship
>>>> > services (I ended up quite overloaded as it is)
>>>> > and I feel it is only fair to Atri if I ask for help here.
>>>> >
>>>> > Consider this thread a pre-DICUSS. Concerted isn't
>>>> > what most of the Incubator proposals are these days.
>>>> > It is much more about promise of technology rather
>>>> > than something that exists today. In this it reminds
>>>> > me of Drill a great deal when it just got proposed -- mostly
>>>> > and idea. Not much of an existing code base or product.
>>>> >
>>>> > So I guess what I'm asking is an IPMC opinion on
>>>> > how to proceed with this given the mentor situation
>>>> > and the state of technology.
>>>> >
>>>> > Please help by chiming in.
>>>> >
>>>> > Thanks,
>>>> > Roman.
>>>> >
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