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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Mynewt Incubation Proposal
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 19:28:02 GMT
On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 9:39 AM, Sterling Hughes <> wrote:

> We would like to start a discussion on accepting Mynewt, a RTOS (real-time
> operating system) for Internet of Things devices, into the Apache Incubator.

I'm very excited about this potential podling!  The Internet of Things is a
natural fit for Apache, and it's great to see a project like this come in
which expands the Foundation's diversity and breadth.

While working with Sterling to prepare the proposal, I've also come to
appreciate how well he and Runtime have prepared for launching Mynewt as an
Apache community.  Collaborations with the recently added Mentors and
committers have been excellent.

> == Rationale ==
> With the momentum behind the Internet of Things, there is an increasing
> need for standard open source software to help developers create connected
> devices. One area where there is a large need is an open-source, liberally
> licensed, community-driven RTOS (real-time operating system.)
> Today, there are many RTOSes, the majority of which are provided by
> proprietary vendors and many of which are not permissively licensed or
> controlled by a single company. These restrictions create fragmentation,
> because either not everyone can afford to purchase the operating system or
> restrictions put on the OS's use (e.g. restricted to vendor-specific
> platforms), means that people using other processors cannot adopt it.
> The lack of a standardized operating system creates fragmentation around
> everything above it. Because there is not a well adopted community driven
> operating system, people don't have a place to contribute back new
> drivers, or networking stacks. Additionally, there is constant work to
> port and maintain software across a myriad of different operating systems,
> all with slightly different APIs and interfaces.
> In order for the industry to accelerate and keep up with the increasing
> complexity in these devices, it's important that an open-source community
> form and provide a RTOS effort that:
>  * Accepts community contributions and encourages code reuse
>  * Natively supports source package management, to allow for efficient
>    redistribution and reuse of software across a broad swath of use cases
>    (from wearables to industrial equipment)
>  * Supports all of the "new" protocol stacks required for IoT (e.g.
>    Bluetooth, IPv6, etc.)
>  * Has drivers for all new chipsets, sensors, and other devices
> The core of Mynewt has been designed to accommodate these requirements. It
> contains a small, pre-emptive RTOS core, that works on native (OS X,
> Linux) and Cortex platforms (and is easily portable to others), and
> standardized HAL and BSP interfaces.


Marvin Humphrey

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