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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [graduation] Maturity model-based assessment of Groovy for its graduation
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2015 01:25:26 GMT
Le 18/10/15 10:48, Martijn Dashorst a écrit :
> -1 on requiring all projects to do this exercise. It is not policy,
> and frankly as a volunteer organization we can let the communities
> themselves determine whether this is something they want to spend
> their time on.

Well, I unerstand your concerns, but it seems odd that we engage podling
to go through such a process that we haven't asked the TLP to do in the
past, and not check that the TLPs at large are compliant with such a
check list.
> I thought we were a community for/over code, not a bureaucracy for/over code.

As a community focused foundation, I'd rather see such an exercise as a
reinsurance for the larger community that are our users that we do
fulfill The ASF expectations in various areas. Calling that bureaucratcy
is a bit like saying the checklist every pilot is doing before take off
a spurious and annoying task...
> If/when a community finds itself in a hard spot, perhaps *then* it is
> valuable to assess the maturity model, to see how/what can be improved
> upon. But requiring this of all projects? With a deadline too?

Would'nt it be too late ? Wouldn't it be a better idea to check
peridodically that no hard spot is appearing ? Fixing a community is way
more difficult than anticipating potential pitfalls that can derail the
process later on...

But that might just be me...

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