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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [graduation] Maturity model-based assessment of Groovy for its graduation
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2015 11:39:23 GMT
Le 15/10/15 13:17, Rich Bowen a écrit :
> A huge +1, but I wonder about a few things. Who does the work? 

I guess that each PMC should be responsible for this work, with a dead
line soft enough that it allows each check to be done with no stress,
and under the supervision of some members in charge of helping them.

> Who
> evaluates the results? 

Either the board, or a group gathered for that purpose.

> What happens when projects "fail"?
Well, I guss some corrective actions should be applied. The question is
more about which of the item must be considered as mandatory, and which
can simply be considered as optional.

Bottom line, we most certainly will have to create a group of
volunteers, for a limited period of time, a bit like the shepperds we
have in Incubator.

<side note>
Actually, I think that at some point, we will need to audit each project
periodically to check if they respect the various rules we now have (and
that includes checking the N&L, a task that sebb is doing - and he
deserves some respect for that ! -, and other aspects relative to the
web site, the packages, etc...). But this is just something I feel in my
guts, not something I see as necessary atm. I certainly don't want The
ASF to become a giant buraucracy !!!
</side note>

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