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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Rya into the Apache Incubator
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 15:55:25 GMT

On 14/09/2015 16:17, "Adam Fuchs" <> wrote:

>Thanks again for the healthy discussion on Rya. With that, I would like to
>call a VOTE for accepting Rya as a new incubator project.
>The proposal text is included below, and is posted on the wiki here:
>The discussion thread on Rya starts here:
>The vote will be open until Thu Sep 17 15:15:00 UTC 2015.
>[ ] +1 accept Rya in the Incubator
>[ ] ±0
>[ ] -1 because...
>= Rya Proposal =
>== Abstract ==
>Rya (pronounced "ree-uh" /rēə/) is a cloud-based RDF triple store that
>supports SPARQL queries.
>== Proposal ==
>Rya is a scalable RDF data management system built on top of Accumulo. Rya
>uses novel storage methods, indexing schemes, and query processing
>techniques that scale to billions of triples across multiple nodes. Rya
>provides fast and easy access to the data through SPARQL, a conventional
>query mechanism for RDF data.
>== Background ==
>RDF is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard used in describing
>resources on the Web. The smallest data unit is a triple consisting of
>subject, predicate, and object. Using this framework, it is very easy to
>describe any resource, not just Web related. For example, if you want to
>say that Alice is a professor, you can represent this as an RDF triple
>(Alice, rdf:type, Professor). In general, RDF is an open world framework
>that allows anyone to make any statement about any resource, which makes
> a popular choice for expressing a large variety of data.
>RDF is used in conjunction with the Web Ontology Language (OWL). OWL is a
>framework for describing models or ontologies for RDF. It defines
>relationships, and/or structure of RDF documents. These models can be used
>to 'reason/infer' information about entities within a given domain. For
>example, you can express that a Professor is a sub class of Faculty,
>(Professor, rdfs:subClassOf, Faculty) and knowing that (Alice, rdf:type,
>Professor), it can be inferred that (Alice, rdf:type, Faculty).
>SPARQL is an RDF query language. Similar with SQL, SPARQL has SELECT and
>WHERE clauses; however, it is based on querying and retrieving RDF
>Work on Rya, a large scale distributed system for  storing and querying
>data, started in 2010.
>== Rationale ==
>With the increase in data size, there is a need for scalable systems for
>storing and retrieving RDF data in a cluster of nodes. We believe that Rya
>can fulfill that role. We expect that communities within government,
>care, finance, and others who generate large amounts of RDF data will be
>most interested in this project.
>From its inception, the project operated with an Apache-style license, but
>it was open to mostly US government-related projects only. We believe that
>having the project and the development open for all will benefit both the
>project and the interested communities.
>== Current Status ==
>The project source code and documentation are currently hosted in a
>repository on Github. New users are added to the repository upon request.
>=== Meritocracy ===
>Meritocracy is the model that we currently follow, and we want to build a
>larger and more diverse developer community by becoming an Apache project.
>=== Community ===
>Rya has being building a community of users and developers for the past 3
>years. There is currently an active workgroup with monthly meetings and
>number of participants in the meeting is increasing.
>=== Core Developers ===
>The core developers are a diverse group of people who are either
>employees or former / current government contractors from different
>=== Alignment ===
>Rya is built on top of Accumulo, an Apache project.
>== Known Risks ==
>=== Orphaned Products ===
>There is a very small risk of becoming orphaned. The current contributors
>are strongly committed to the project, there is a large enough number of
>developers interested in contributing to the project, and we believe that
>the support for the project will continue to grow from the interested
>=== Inexperience with Open Source ===
>The initial committers have various degrees of experience with open source
>projects - from very new to experienced. This project was open source
>within government from the beginning. We are aware that it will be
>different and more difficult functioning in a real open source
>We are enthusiastic and committed to learning the Apache way and being
>successful in operating under Apache's development process.
>=== Homogenous Developers ===
>The current list of developers form a heterogeneous group, with people for
>academia, government, and industry, collaborating from distributed
>geographic locations. We aim to expand the list of contributors with the
>help of the Apache incubation process.
>=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
>Many but not all of the developers working on the project are salaried
>employees, paid to work on this project. They will continue to contribute
>to the open source project. Some of the initial committers continued as
>volunteers even if no longer employed to work on this project and they
>to continue supporting the project.
>=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
>Rya uses Apache Accumulo, Hadoop, Zookeeper, Maven.
> *Apache Jena API or Apache Commons RDF API could become the RDF API used
>by Rya, but such a decision was not made.
> *Apache Clerezza is database/triple store agnostic, and as such could be
>complementary to Rya.
> *Apache Stanbol focuses on providing semantic services, while Rya focuses
>on providing a distributed triple store solution, with support for SPARQL
>and OWL reasoning.
> *Apache Marmotta provides an implementation of a Linked Data Platform,
>overlaps in some of the goals and functionality with Rya (RDF triple
>SPARQL support among others). There are many opportunities for
>collaboration with these projects and we are looking forward to such a
>=== Apache Brand ===
>Rya has generated interest in the government. It also generated interest
>within academia and industry. We believe that everyone could benefit from
>having Rya as an open source project. Due to its strong ties to Accumulo,
>an Apache project, and due to the values of the Apache Foundation, we
>believe that Apache incubator is the right place for Rya.
>== Documentation ==
>Two peer-reviewed publications [1,2] about Rya were published in 2012 and
>2015. More documentation is available in the code.
>[1] Roshan Punnoose, Adina Crainiceanu, David Rapp. [[
>A Scalable RDF Triple Store for the Clouds]]. Proceedings of the 1st
>International Workshop on Cloud Intelligence, Pages 4:1-4:8, August 2012
>[2] Roshan Punnoose, Adina Crainiceanu, David Rapp. [[
>the Clouds Using Rya]]. Information Systems, Volume 48, Pages 181-195,
>March 2015 (Available online 23 July 2013)
>== Initial Source ==
>The code is currently in a private Github repository, due to security and
>IP review processes. We intend to open it up via transferring the code to
>an ASF repository.
>== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
>The source code has been released under the Apache License, Version 2.
>Software grant, and CCLAs have been submitted. ICLAs for initial
>have been submitted or are in progress.
>== External Dependencies ==
> * [[|OpenRDF Sesame]] (BSD license)
> * [[|GeoMesa]] (Apache License, Version 2.0)
> * [[|Accumulo]] (Apache License, Version 2.0)
> * [[|Hadoop]] (Apache License, Version 2.0)
> * [[|Pig]] (Apache License, Version 2.0)
> * [[|TinkerPop]] (Apache License,
>Version 2.0)
>== Cryptography ==
>The proposal does not involve any cryptographic code.
>== Required Resources ==
>=== Mailing lists ===
> *
> *
> *
>=== Git Repository ===
>=== Issue Tracking ===
>== Initial Committers ==
> * Roshan Punnoose, roshanp at gmail dot com
> * David Rapp, dnrapp at ncsu dot edu
> * Adina Crainiceanu, adinancr at gmail dot com
> * Aaron Mihalik, aaron.mihalik at gmail dot com
> * Puja Valiyil, pujav65 at gmail dot com
> * Jennifer Brown, jennifer.brown at parsons dot com
> * Steve Wagner, steve.r.wagner at gmail dot com
>== Affiliations ==
> * Roshan Punnoose, Enlighten IT Consulting
> * David Rapp, North Carolina State University
> * Adina Crainiceanu, US Naval Academy
> * Aaron Mihalik, Parsons
> * Puja Valiyil, Parsons
> * Jennifer Brown, Parsons
> * Steve Wagner, Enlighten IT Consulting
>== Sponsors ==
>=== Champion ===
> * Adam Fuchs, ASF Member, afuchs at apache dot org
>=== Nominated Mentors ===
> * Josh Elser josh dot elser at gmail dot com
> * Edward J. Yoon edwardyoon at apache dot org
> * Sean Busbey busbey at cloudera dot com
>We are seeking additional mentors
>=== Sponsoring Entity ===
>Apache Incubator

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