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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: Podling request: Gerrit
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2015 01:24:47 GMT
On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 8:37 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (3980)
<> wrote:
> Hi Till,
> We should probably move this discussion on to the
> list.
> In short, we shouldn’t have situations in which there are contributors
> who contributions are “shepherded in” by Apache AsterixDB Incubating
> PPMC members whose contributions have an indirect middle man at
> UCI. All development on ASF projects must happen at the ASF.
> We went to great lengths to get the Github workflow integrated into
> our mailing lists for provenance and for foundational tracking
> perspective and ultimately so that we can tell people who use Apache
> software that it’s from a plan and provenance they can trust. Infra
> did a lot of work to make sure contributions have at least an email
> address that flows through to the mailing list.
> Here in the Gerrit situation, it could be similar to Github I suppose
> if we make sure all communication from that Gerrit instance is
> mirror’ed to the list (dev@, or some similar list, probably issues@,
> or something that folks can choose to subscribe to).
> Ideally we need ICLAs on file for anything bigger than smallish
> contributions that have clear mailing list provenance. So, one thing
> you guys are doing is potentially circumventing that review from
> an ASF perspective without this mailing list mirror’ing at the very
> least.
> If ASF infra is willing to throw up a Gerrit instance, that’s the
> most ideal situation. If they are not there is precedence for what
> you guys are doing ( e.g., with Github; and also with build farm
> machines, e.g., such as those contributed by Y! initially when
> Hadoop started, etc.) But this is our core product; code, and it’s
> not something to be taken lightly especially in light of things
> “not happening at the ASF” and for provenance purposes. It’s nice
> that this is going on at UCI, and we appreciate their use of
> resources, however, ASF projects develop and “occur” at the ASF.
> Period.
> Here are the immediate actions:
> 1. Mirror all UCI Gerrit to Apache AsterixDB mailing list (discussed
> in dev@asterixdb.i.a.o and agreed upon by the PPMC within 24-48
> hours) 2. Work with ASF infra (David Nalley is the VP of infra, so
> you have his attention here) to see if they are willing to run a
> Gerrit instance. It’s my understanding David, that the AsterixDB
> folks have a few lingering issues here where they have not heard
> back so if you could reply on those I’d appreciate it.

I just replied to a flurry of emails, but I have no doubt I've missed
things. Please don't hesitate to call out if I still haven't answered
a question.
dev@asterixdb will work well.


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