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From Cédric Champeau <>
Subject [RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache Groovy 2.4.4-incubating
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2015 08:31:27 GMT
This vote passes with 4 binding "+1" votes, no "0" notes, and 2 "-1"
binding votes. Despite the negative votes, we will release and fix the L/N
files in the next release and try to clarify the README. It is very
important to get this 2.4.4 release out ASAP.

Thanks to all voters!

2015-07-13 10:33 GMT+02:00 Cédric Champeau <>:

> Hi all!
> The Apache Groovy PPMC has successfully voted the release of Apache Groovy
> 2.4.4-incubating [1], with 6 "+1" binding votes, one "+1" non binding, no
> "0" votes and one "-1" vote (see the explanation below). We are now asking
> the IPMC to vote it too. Since it is our first release under the Apache
> Software Foundation umbrella, let me give a few more details:
> - this release is our second attempt to release Apache Groovy 2.4.4. The
> first vote failed, mainly because our documentation was licensed under
> Creative Commons by-sa. The issue has been mitigated with the community, we
> have voted to relicense it under AL2.0 and approvals for all contributors
> of the documentation have been tracked on a JIRA ticket (see below).
> - since our "pre-Apache" era, all files have been modified to include the
> normalized AL2.0 license headers. Files which couldn't be modified, such as
> test files which must not include any header, have been excluded from Rat
> checks.
> - We have updated our build to use the Gradle license check plugin, then
> Apache Rat plugin
> - All jars have been removed from the source distribution, including those
> which were used in tests (they are now generated by the build itself)
> - Added the DISCLAIMER file, updated the LICENSE and NOTICE files
> - Added a section on the README to indicate how to bootstrap Gradle, since
> the Apache policy forbids to include the Gradle wrapper. It's worth noting
> that Andrés actually missed that when he voted -1, meaning he thought the
> wrapper was missing and that we couldn't build from source.
> - We updated our release process for Apache (obviously), which already
> required a noticeable amount of work. We have in particular worked with the
> folks at JFrog to mitigate the problems we faced in automation (our
> previous release process only required a single click...).
> During the vote, the following points have been raised:
> - the "" file doesn't contain the license header. This is
> actually a glitch due to our automation process: builds are triggered from
> the CI server which automates the update of the properties file. During
> that process, the license header is lost. The consequence is that running
> "Rat" from the source zip will fail with a warning on that file. However,
> it is not critical since this file doesn't contain any IP, just version
> number and VM parameters. We will fix this in the next release, by either
> excluding the file from the Rat checks, or working with JFrog so that their
> plugin reincludes the header file. This problem is the main reason for the
> -1 vote we had from Andrés. In case of doubt, one can verify that it's
> really the CI server which removed the license by checking this commit
> (716b0b1bd5) which belongs to the REL_BRANCH_2_4_4 release branch.
> - The "incubating" suffix ("2.4.4-incubating") is only used on the source
> zip. This is *intentional*. Groovy has a long history already, and our
> users woudn't understand that newer releases include "-incubating" in the
> version number. So the Maven artifacts, in particular, do not include
> "-incubating", which will greatly simplify upgrading and version conflict
> resolution.
> - Similarily, the directory that is created doesn't include "apache-" in
> the file name. Some tools widely used in the community like GVM expect a
> particular layout that would break if we changed that.
> To summarize:
> Vote on dev list:
> Result of vote on dev list:
> Relicensing of the documentation tracking:
> Vote for relicensing the docs:
> Result of vote for relicensing the docs:
> The changelog for this release can be found here:
> Tag for the release:
> <
> >
> The artifacts to be voted on are located here:
> Release artifacts are signed with the following keys:
> Vote is open for at least 72 hours. Artifacts will be moved to dist as
> soon as the vote passes.
> [ ] +1, release Apache Groovy 2.4.4-incubating
> [ ] 0, I don't care
> [ ] -1, because...
> Best regards,

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