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From Pierre Smits <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Graduate Ignite from the Apache Incubator
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2015 13:31:23 GMT
When we're talking about this podling having  gained 'committers many from
outside the company that donated the code', I wonder who we are talking

The reports to the IPMC show only numbers (3 in March 2015) and no names.
And for what it is worth, the June 2015 report shows a link ( that is pointing
nowhere. I assume that it should have been this page:

So we have (per today):

   - , aka ASF
   - , aka Incubator list,
   (showing affiliation), aka podling list

And there are discrepancies between the pages. E.g.

   - shows Ryan Rawson as a
   committer, but is not in

If we substract the mentors (4 according to, though we can argue whether
Henry Saputra should also be in there as he is listed in the March 2015
report to the IPMC as one of the report signers) from any list, we see the
following changes:

   1. Rayn Rawson (external, Apache Drill committer),
      1. Incubator list
   2.  Sergey Khisamov (external - Fitech Source),
   1. ASF list
      2. Incubator list,
      3. podling list
   3. Ilya Sterin (external - ChronoTrack),
      1. ASF list,
      2. Incubator list,
      3. podling list
   4. Evans Ye (external - TrendMicro),
      1. ASF list,
      2. Incubator list,
      3. podling list
   5. Ognen Duzlevski (external - Shoutlet),
      1. ASF list,
      2. Incubator list,
      3. podling list
   6. Gianfrano Murador (external - Engiweb Security)
      1. ASF list
      2. Incubator list
      3. podling list

Adding 5 or 6 new committers isn't many. That is a start (regarding
diversity). It for sure doesn't scream independence, when the majority (of
committers, intended PMC members) is affiliated to one company.

As for building the community of the podling, a mentor has the
responsibility to keep tabs on contributions to ensure that everything goes
according to the policies of the ASF, of the incubator and of the podling
and assess (together with the community) everything whether it is in line
with those policies. And report.

As examples:

   - Statements (on podling pages re StackOverflow, or on external fora,
   e.g. Nabble) that questions can be raised via those media, isn't in line
   with how contributions to an ASF project (or podling) should be done. ASF
   mailing lists are the primary source for non-JIRA (including code patches)
   / non-wiki contributions. External sources are a nicety, but unreliable
   when it comes to feeding back into the ASF mailing lists or identifying
   active contributors or assessing potential additions to list of the
   privileged few;
   - Community pages should reflect how the on-boarding process is,
   including pointing out/stressing that an iCLA is required (when
   contributing anything above the level of question or comment);
   - Committed non-privileged contributors (at least those who have
   registered an iCLA) should be listed in the pages of the podling, in order
   to assess who (beyond committers) are enabled to make changes to e.g. wiki
   pages, and who are eligible for commit privileges.

And diversity is not only about the aspect of affiliation. It is also about
having (privileged) contributors of another kind other than just those who
contribute code changes (or register with JIRA). The pages of the podling
should reflect such. And mentors should point that out to the community of
the podling. Otherwise the podling might imply (through its pages) that the
other kind of contributors aren't welcome, and/or that principles of the
ASF (e.g. 'All contributions are equal', 'Contributions buys privileges')
aren't applicable in the podling.

Apart from the above, the podling could and should do a bit more regarding
building an open, transparent project. Having done a cursory review of the
mailing list archives of the podling I have found no announcements of
organisational changes (e.g. adding the new committer/ppmc changes/mentor

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

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