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From Kris Popat <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] ORDS to join Apache Incubator
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 13:06:16 GMT

> On 8 Jul 2015, at 13:29, jan i <> wrote:
> Hi
> A few questions, just for my understanding (and before I commit to anything):
> - Are you a group of people developing this system, preferable also someone from outside
Oxford ?

Yes, currently there are five people involved 3 within Oxford and 2 outside, myself being
one of those outside.

> - Is the system in use in other places?

This is what the Oxford team want to develop and one of the reasons why they are driving this.
 At the moment this is an Oxford project but increasingly there is interest, from other UK
universities at least, to use it.  The project manager has been promoting it.  Part of the
work we are doing at the moment is preparing the code base and interfaces for general use.

> - Which programming languages do you use ?

It’s written in Java using Maven for builds.

> In any case I will be happy to take a look at the proposal and give my comments. Maybe
more if I can see I can benefit the project.

Okay, I’ll post what I have so far to this list in another mail on this thread, if that’s


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