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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] IPMC vote needed for Ripple release 0.9.30 (was RE: [RESULT] [VOTE] Ripple release 0.9.30)
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2015 22:42:29 GMT

+1 binding

I checked:
- release name include incubating
- signatures and hashes
- contains DISCLAIMER
- NOTICE has minor issue (wrong year)
- LICENSE has a couple of minor non blocking issues (see below)
- no unexpected binaries in release
- all source files have apache headers

In future can you please place the RCs in the correct place.

Minor LICENSE issues:
- No need to mention Apache Codova as it permissively licenced (but no harm in doing so either).
- Missing MIT licensed parseUI (see ./lib/client/platform/webworks.core/2.0.0/client/utils.js)
- Copyright "Copyright Train Hack 2010” should be "Copyright Epic Train Hack 2010”, also
missing "Copyright (c) 2011 Research In Motion Limited”
- While jWorkflow is used it not bundled (as far as I can tell) so could be removed from the


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