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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: Reform of Incubator {was; [DISCUSSION] Graduate Ignite from the Apache Incubator)
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2015 22:22:04 GMT
Since I am relatively new to the Incubator (given that it turns 13 in 
just 2½ month), I will ask a question that may have been answered in the 
earlier years:

Have we given any thought to some sort of mentor rotation policy?

One could argue that what we especially lack right now is the 'outsider' 
view on podlings before it is 'too late', so perhaps changing (or at 
least adding some new) mentors along the way, not just by choice, but by 
design/policy, we could perhaps, just perhaps, catch some potential 
cases of myopia or "in the loop" issues that seems to, arguably, be the 
cause of some of the concerns raised lately.

I realize that this, with the ASF being an all volunteer org, is not 
something you simply implement in a fortnight, but I think it's worth 

With regards,

On 2015-07-26 22:33, Ted Dunning wrote:
> I think my own experience as a mentor over recent years is useful here.  I thought I
understood what was necessary for apache releases when, in fact, I understood release requirements
for releases like the ones I had previously seen.
> The wider by shepherds and by the general votes was a pain because of the added delay
but it substantially increased the quality of the releases and improved the processes the
group had.
> With more perspective now, I find that individual mentors often have somewhat specialized
expertise and my experience was absolutely not unique.
> Marvin and Ross also make good and important points orthogonal to this.

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