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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Graduate Ignite from the Apache Incubator
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 22:59:09 GMT

On 2015-07-23 00:31, Konstantin Boudnik wrote:
> Thanks Julian - that's something that this community would have it improve.
> Although I don't see if a particular way of using (or not using) JIRA is a
> graduation's requirement. If there's a way to trace a particular feature to an
> archived discussion - ie mailing list - there's no problem in my professional
> view ;)
> As Brane said above: perhaps not the still snapshot, but rather the trends of
> the improvements have to be considered when the future graduation is
> discussed.
> Do we have a disagreement about the graduation criteria? Yes. Does IPMC asks
> right questions: sure!
> Shall we agree that the community is ready to graduate and task the new PMC
> with a couple of the action items such as keep recruiting outside committers,
> thus growing the viability of the project, and improving the JIRA
> communication process? If we can agree on this last proposal then we just
> might have the consensus.
If the podling has to be tasked with fixing procedures after graduation, 
the podling is not ready to graduate, in my view.
The incubator is tasked with ensuring that podlings adhere to the 
guidelines for open source development we have in the ASF, and if we let 
podlings graduate before they have consistently proven that they do just 
that, it diminishes the value of the incubator.

There should be no rush here. If the IPMC has reasonable concerns (as is 
mentioned by several IPMC members) and can list specific procedures 
and/or philosophies that need to change, I think it best that the 
podling works towards this and seeks to graduate at a later time when 
these issues are considered resolved in a manner that the IPMC agrees 
with. This is and should be a consensus issue, and as such, I think it 
would be best for the podling to take a step back, address the issues, 
and then come back to the IPMC when they believe they have incorporated 
the necessary changes.

For the reasons stated above, I am -1 on this as it stands.

With regards,

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