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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache Groovy 2.4.4-incubating
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2015 17:34:56 GMT
Am 16.07.2015 18:49, schrieb Roman Shaposhnik:
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 1:47 AM, Emmanuel Lécharny <> wrote:
>> Le 16/07/15 10:41, Justin Mclean a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>>> This vote passes with 4 binding "+1" votes, no "0" notes, and 2 "-1"
>>>> binding votes.
>>> If you read carefully I think you find there were 3 -1 votes on the binary releases.
>> True. I -1 the binary release. Interesting case : should we release if
>> we have as many -1 than +1 ?
> Personally, I'm disappointed in the podling for not taking
> care of feedback that seems really easy to take care of.

but not in time, because the apache process is too slow. What so you 
prefer? A unfixed zero-day vulnerability reported against an apache 
project, or a podling release which is not 100% according to strict 
apache views. We are not a TLP yet after all.

And this release is a special case.

That security fix is the only reason why we did want release ASAP. We 
own it to the community to be able to react to such things fast. And I 
really would not like to explain to our users that we could not do a 
release, because of a minor issue. If the apache process would not be so 
slow, we would of course have made it different. But waiting another 6 
days, while some will be in holidays already, would have been a problem.

bye blackdrag

Jochen "blackdrag" Theodorou

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