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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Groovy 2.4.4-incubating
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2015 14:25:05 GMT
On 13/07/2015 10:12 PM, Justin Mclean wrote:
> - NOTICE contains items that are not required (as they are not bundled) and it’s not
in usual format
> - LICENSE also contains several licenses/items that are not bundled and so shouldn’t
be included e.g. ANTLR 2, ASM 4, Hamcrest, JLine, JSR223, JUnit, Multiverse

We don't bundle the source from any of those libraries true, but we do generate sources as
part of our build using ANTLR and we do bundle the class files from the ANLTR and ASM projects
in some of our jars and we do bundle the jars from some of those projects in some of our binary
zips. So, only use of source files is important for NOTICE/LICENSE or would we need slightly
different versions of those files in different places?

> For binary releases:
> - All are missing DISCLAIMER, LICENSE and NOTICE

These are all in the meta-inf directory within all the produced jars but agreed should be
in the root of the zips (already true for src zip) as well.

Cheers, Paul.

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