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From toki <>
Subject Re: I still don't see your priorities
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 22:58:38 GMT
On 07/04/2015 04:53 PM, Stefan Reich wrote:

> How about taking something good that WANTS TO EXIST, and supporting that?

I didn't know that software was sentient.

If you meant "software that somebody wants to exist", I can point you to
thousands of projects that got no further than a name, a proposal, and
space on either or SourceForge.

If you'd like Apache to support whatever project you think it should
support, then you need to propose that the project to the Apache
Incubator. That means drawing up a formal proposal, explaining what the
project is about, how/why Apache is a good fit for the project, what it
brings to Apache, and where Apache will be beneficial to it.

Some projects won't ever be a good fit with the Apache Way, and hence
won't make it into the incubator.

Other projects might make an extremely good fit with the Apache Way,
but, due to the unlikelihood of them graduating from the incubator, are
not accepted.

Still other projects are a good fit with the Apache Way, and seemingly
graduate from incubation as soon as they are accepted into the incubator.

I will grant that there are exceptions to those. Projects that were
accepted, with the advance knowledge that they would go straight to the
attic, never passing graduation.  Projects that were accepted, that were
not a good fit, and had unfavorable odds of ever fitting in with The
Apache way. But these are exceptions --- rare instances of risk-taking,
in the hopes that the outcome would be the unexpected, rather than the
expected. In the majority of these exceptions, there is something in the
proposal that implied that there was a better than even chance of the
dooming factors being overcome.

One factor that is huge, but almost completely ignored by outsiders, is
the impression that the proposer makes on the community. This is not
about faking, or authentically expressing The Apache Way, but rather,
about delivering what is proposed.


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