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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [ROUGH DRAFT] March 2015 Report
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 05:08:07 GMT
On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 5:36 PM, Ted Dunning <> wrote:

> can you point to what areas need touching up?

I just went and did my usual whitespace and formatting normalization.  In
terms of content, there are now three tasks left.

First, we need to fill out the "podling summary", which entails dividing up
podlings into categories.

1.  "Still getting started at the Incubator" is where all podlings begin.
2.  After bootstrapping finishes, podlings move to the "No release" category.
3.  Once an incubating release is made, podlings typically move into
    "Community growth" category.
4.  Podlings that report that graduation is being discussed or that have
    already passed a graduation vote are listed under "Ready to graduate".
5.  At any point a podling might also be put into a special category of its
    own if none of the rest fit.

The second task is to flesh out the top section, including writing up a
narrative describing important discussions on general@incubator or other
trends that the Board might be interested in.

The third task is trivial and mechanical: tomorrow morning, after tonight's
deadline for shepherd reviews closes, we should delete all the empty shepherd
reviews.  (I typically reformat the existing shepherd reviews as well.)

If you want to claim any one of those, feel free.  If you don't get to the
podling categorization, I might.  And if neither of us gets to the narrative,
Roman will finish it.

FWIW, the DRAFT shouldn't have been sent out until tomorrow because tonight is
actually the deadline for finishing the content.  We want people to be able to
review the narrative and all shepherd reports so that they have a chance to
object to anything they don't like.

But the process is never completely glitch-free.  We should be happy that this
month that every last podling reported!

I'm expecting to provide a lot of help for you next month, Ted, when you'll be
the last line of defense instead of Roman.  I'm glad we've been able get a
head start -- it should make next month easier!

Marvin Humphrey

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