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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject ASFIncubator now managed via TweetDeck
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2015 01:28:16 GMT

over the weekend I've experimented with managing
ASFIncubator via TweetDeck and I really like the
results. In fact, I like them so much that I am going
to suggest we manage the rest of our official ASFxxx
accounts in the following way:
   0. The account itself is NOT expected to be used
   aside from initial setup and a case where all the
   admins (see bellow) self destruct.

   1. As part of the initial setup for the account on
    TweetDeck we define its first admin and the
    rest gets boostrapped by that person.

    2. Any admin can add two types of accounts
    under ASFxxx:
        * collaborators (folks who can tweet)
        * admins (folks who can tweet AND manage group)
    Note that all these actions are performed from
    under the regular user accounts -- there's no
    need to login into ASFxxx. For example, at this point
    Ted and I are admins for the ASFIncubator. If you
     want to be able to Tweet as ASFIncubator please
     send either one of us your Twitter ID.

The above makes a really nice, security-conscious scheme
that I would love to champion among various PMCs
and suggest that we document it as part of our social
media guidelines. The only open question in my mind
is who (and by extension what email address) should
the master ASFxxx account be associated with. I see
two alternatives here:
    * ASF Infra team collectively owns it
    * Whoever controls @TheASF owns it

Which one do you guys think works best?


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