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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: "junior" Mentor request advice from "senior" Mentor.
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2015 11:10:34 GMT
On 22.03.2015 09:05, jan i wrote:
> Hi.
> Sorry could not resist the subject line, but fact is I need a good advice.
> I know our rulebook about including 3rd party libraries, but rules are open
> to interpretation, and since I am involved in the development I consider my
> opinion for biased.
> In Corinthia we depend on the following third party libraries (currently
> not in repo):
> zlib1
> libxml2
> iconv
> SDL_Image.
> The first 3 ones are not available precompiled for windows 64bit (at least
> not from a trustworthy source), so we need to make it available.
> I see 3 options:
> 1) Ask developers to download and build by them self (sadly enough they
> also need to setup the vcxproj file)
> 2) one PPMC (in this case me) precompilles all libs, make them available as
> a zip on minotaur,
> which of course is a trusted source, but somewhat ackward to the project.
> 3) the sources are added to the repo, in a designated directory and
> integrated in our build system.
> I would prefer to suggest 3), but I want to be absolutely sure, that we do
> it the right way.
> I would suggest:
> a) put a README, for each downloaded lib, with the original URL and version
> b) add the licenses to the LICENSE file
> c) copy the README into NOTICES
> d) In the first commit, make a commit text like the README.
> e) Make the missing bits for a 64bit version, and integrate in our build
> system.
> Would that be a good solution to the problem, or do you have other ideas or
> corrections ?
> My goal here is, to make the right decision up front, and not when we have
> cut a release.

Write a script that downloads the supported versions and include the
necessary vcxproj files in your source distribution. I believe msbuild
can download stuff, so you may even be able to automate the download
from the project file.

-- Brane

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