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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Groovy Incubation proposal
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 11:13:35 GMT
> community. Forgive me presuming to say this but this seems a
> contradiction with The Apache Way as written about. Also it is very
> CVCS/Subversion focussed.
> In a DVCS world, committers are just the gatekeepers of the central
> mainline, the judges/jury as to what meets the quality criteria. They
> are not the totality of the people who contribute, and they do not
> define the community.

IMO, there is a mindset difference which is key, between the CVCS and
DVCS world, and it all comes down to community over code.

CVCS, in a way, reinforces the idea/concept that "we" are all
working on this "single" project "together". There is a
central project, and we are all working on *it*. DVCS turns
that around; instead, I am working on *my version* of the
project, and I ask that some of my works gets pulled into
the "official" one. Instead of a community working together,
we have a bunch of island contributors who occasionally
throw code over a wall and "move on".

Sure, it's great for getting a bunch of contributions, but
not a bunch of *contributors* (as defined as people heavily
invested and engaged). That is the supreme irony: DVCS project
can claim a huge number of "contributors", but the reality
is really a very, very small number of "committers". Apache
tries to make each contributor a committer.

That is why whenever I read about some great project on GitHub
with "hundreds of contributors" I take it with a grain of
salt; it would be like Apache counting every Bugz/JIRA
patch, every emailed patch, etc as a "contributor". At
Apache, since knowledge of the community is crucial for
the health of the community, and that also means knowledge
of the actual size, Apache needs to be more realistic and
"accurate" on what that size actually *is*.

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