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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Is the Incubator a product? If so, why are there so few bugs?
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 20:57:16 GMT
Guess how many bugs have been logged against the Incubator in the last
2 years? Only four[1].

The recent discussions about effective mentoring got me thinking. I
know that my mentors are busy people, so I don't bother them with a
question unless I've first tried to find the answer. In fact, most of
the time I don't want to be "mentored" as such: I just want the
Incubator to provide a clear process that I can find using five
minutes and a couple of google searches.

It seems clear (at least to me) that the Incubator provides a product.
That product is an explanation of the Apache process, as clear as
possible, and as accessible as possible. When the process is not
clear, that is a bug in the product. So, when a discussion on this
list did not yield a clear answer, I logged a bug[2]. That's when I
discovered that virtually no one else is logging bugs against the
Incubator, and I found that really surprising.

Let me expand on the product metaphor. The Incubator provides guidance
on the Apache process, and the projects follow it, learn, and due
course graduate. The "product" here is the explanation of the Apache
process. The "customers" here are the incubation projects. The product
is imperfect and always changing, but everyone wants to improve it,
and the way to do that is by logging issues.

The contract is that the customers (the projects) commit to logging
the issues they encounter (and if possible make contributions to fix
those issues), and the the producer (the Incubator) commits to resolve
those issues in a timely fashion.

So then, why is the Incubator not imploring the projects to log more issues?




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