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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject IPMC/Incubator/Metors reform: where do we go from here
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2015 18:25:27 GMT

I think it would be fair to say that in the
past month or so we've had a healthy amount
of discussion around where to go next with
IPMC/Incubator/Metors reform. A diverse
set of view points has emerged that helped
clarify things a great deal (at least for me it did!).

This is all goodness. What seems to be missing
at this point, though, is coming up with a set of
actionable steps and moving forward.

Here's what I would like to propose: lets decouple
IPMC/Incubator/Metors reform from a *complimentary*
plan of pTLPs. It is clear that no drastic change is
in the cards for Incubator for the next 6 months. Whatever
we do on that side of things has to be very measured and
incremental. And regardless of whether IPMC gets reformed
of stays exactly the same, running a pTLP experiment and
evaluating that as an eventual alternative to IPMC seems
pretty non-controversial to me.

Personally, I'm much more enthusiastic about pTLPs
becoming THE way of how new projects get added to
the foundation. This is what I'm going to focus all of
my personal energy in the coming months, hoping to
demonstrate pTLP to not only be a viable, but a superior
alternative to bringing new projects into the foundation.

Although I can NOT offer my time to champion a more
incremental approach to evolving the classic Incubator,
I think it is of paramount importance that somebody
do it. It would be a great thing if whoever becomes a new
Chair can get this done. My only observation here is that
despite our efforts to evolve 3 of the wikified proposals,
the way they stand right now is not actionable within the
charter of a careful, incremental approach to improving IPMC.
Or to put it another way: there are still dealbreakers (btw,
thanks to those who took time to provide that feedback
on the wiki!) and hence should any of these proposal
come to a vote -- I don't think they can reach a consensus
in their current form.


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