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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: my pTLP view
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2015 20:40:43 GMT
On 25.01.2015 21:07, Andrew Purtell wrote:
> I'm not arguing with you Greg (smile), honestly, Subversion sounds like a
> very laid back place to participate. It's different in Bigtop, HBase,
> Phoenix, Whirr (of historical note), and Hadoop (secondhand observation),
> Hive (secondhand observation), ZooKeeper (secondhand observation) and
> others. Formal votes are called on releases, committerships, PMC elevation,
> branch merges (with even additional hurdles by bylaw), and are most
> definitely talled.

Sigh ... well, all I can really add here is that the projects you
mention might benefit from a bit of therapy to cure their control-freak

The reason why communities should reach consensus through public
discussion is that, when instead you have a formal vote every time
someone gets an itch, you're likely to end up with some very nasty
behind-the-scenes vote swapping. Of course I'm not accusing anyone of
doing that ... though, sadly, I've heard rumours.

Suffice it to say that what you describe is not the ASF Way.

-- Brane

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