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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Binary Convenience Package Dependencies
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2014 16:11:06 GMT

I have some questions about Binary Convenience Packages:

1) In [1] it says: "the binary/bytecode package .. may only add
binary/bytecode files that are the result of compiling that version of the
source code release”.  An Apache Flex SDK source package has a build
script that downloads jars such as Saxon and JavaCC.  Does the text I
quoted mean that the binary package cannot bundle Saxon and JavaCC because
we did not compile those jars from their sources?  Or does “compiling”
really mean “running the build script on”?

2) In [2] it says for Category B: "By including only the object/binary
form, there is less exposed surface area of the third-party work from
which a work might be derived; this addresses the second guiding principle
of this policy. By attaching a prominent label to the distribution and
requiring an explicit action by the user to get the reciprocally-licensed
source, users are less likely to be unaware of restrictions significantly
different from those of the Apache License.”  Does “including” means
“bundling”?  If so, the quoted text must be referencing binary packages
and not source packages since source packages can never include
object/binary forms.  Or does “including” also refer to build scripts that
download an MPL jar like Saxon?

2A) If your build script downloads an MPL jar, must it provide an option
to download the source?

2B) If your build script downloads an MPL jar, is any other additional
warning or explicit action required?

2C) If your binary package bundles an MPL jar (assuming the answer to #1
allows it), must it provide an option to download the source?



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