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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] TinkerPop: A Graph Computing Framework
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:24:03 GMT
To clarify on Daniel's comments this does not mean that pull requests
cannot be merged

You can have Infra set up ASF integration with GitHub such that pull
requests trigger emails to your projects dev list, those emails contain
instructions on how to pull and merge the request into your local ASF
based working copy.  You then simply push to the ASF repo and if you've
said "Closes #1" (or whatever the exact wording is - again the email tells
you) then the pull request is automatically closed over on GitHub


As for moving other infrastructure the Jena project (which I am involved
in) went through a similar exercise of migrating large amounts of external
infrastructure to the ASF when moving to the ASF and the Jena project.
Yes it was painful for a time but it is worth doing and as others have
pointed out there are sound reasons behind it.

It is really not that hard to migrate a mailing list from one platform to
another in our experience.  In the Jena project we kept the external
mailing lists open for the first 6 months or so and just sent regular
reminders asking people to move to the ASF mailing lists.  After that
period we closed the external list to new subscriptions and continued
sending the regular reminders for another 6 months or so, after that we
closed the external list entirely to new posts so it served only as a
historical archive.  Over time this allowed us to gracefully migrate users
to the new infrastructure by giving them plenty of notice and information
about what was happening and this didn't require huge amounts of effort on
our part.


On 18/12/2014 16:36, "Daniel Gruno" <> wrote:

>On 2014-12-18 17:28, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> On 12/18/2014 11:16 AM, Marko Rodriguez wrote:
>>> Hello Jake,
>>> When talking with Sam Ruby (cc:d) we voiced our concerns about moving
>>> all of our infrastructure over to The Apache Foundation. In particular,
>>> our GitHub presence and our public user-mailing list (i.e. tech support
>>> mailing list). I have articulated our concerns in the freshly updated
>>> proposal.
>>> Please see "W. Mailing Lists", "Y. Git Repository", and "X. Subversion
>>> Directory".
>>> Sam Ruby had stated that using GitHub for source control is an accepted
>>> practice now.
>> Let's split that into two pieces.
>> Git is a DVCS, which means that it can be at multiple places. Using
>> git for source control is an accepted practice at the ASF now.  GitHub
>> can be one of the places.
>> From the ASF perspective, GitHub is a mirror.  From GitHub's
>> perspective, the ASF is a mirror.
>No, from GitHub's perspective, ASF is the canonical source. There is no
>way to twist this into anything else.
>It says right on every single Apache GitHub mirror that it is "Mirrored
>You cannot merge pull requests from GitHub via GitHub, that's simply not
>going to work, and it should be plenty clear to everyone by now why that
>is the case.
>With regards,
>> None of this means that you can't use pull requests.  Examples:
>> (These just happen to be the top three hits on a Google search for
>> "apache github pull requests").
>>> We can (though would prefer not to) move our issue
>>> tracking to JIRA. Again, we have all been using GitHub issue tracking
>>> for 5 years and are comfortable with its interface. Likewise, we can
>>> (though would prefer not to), move our user mailing list to Apache's
>>> mail list system. If a distinction is made between "user mailing list"
>>> (tech support) and "contributor mailing list" (governance), we can (and
>>> would prefer) to move over our "TinkerPop Contributors" mailing list to
>>> ASF as this is where all the legal/political/governance discussion
>>> and should be under the purview of ASF.
>> The current tinkerpop mailing lists are indeed quite active.  I
>> believe it would be possible for an ASF mailing list to be subscribed
>> to each of these and satisfy ASF requirements in this manner.
>>> Thoughts?,
>>> Marko.
>> - Sam Ruby
>>> On Dec 17, 2014, at 7:42 PM, Jake Farrell <
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>> Hey Marko
>>>> Thank you for posting the proposal to the wiki. The proposal has the
>>>> requested infra for issues, wiki, mailing lists, and scm all still at
>>>> github. These sections will have to be edited to bring everything
>>>> over to
>>>> ASF hardware. Please take a look at other proposals listed for an
>>>> idea and
>>>> if you have any questions please let us know
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Jake
>>>> On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 7:56 PM, Marko Rodriguez <
>>>> <>>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hello everyone,
>>>>> I have put the proposal on the wiki page.
>>>>> As requested by Roman, I updated the Affiliations section. Note that
>>>>> would love to tweak more but there is a 1 minute turn around time
>>>>> when I
>>>>> hit 'preview' or 'save changes' on the wiki. It started driving me
>>>>> mad so I
>>>>> stopped.
>>>>> Please advise on desired edits and I will do so. Moreover, I will
>>>>> things much cleaner once the wiki interface speeds up (hopefully its
>>>>> just a
>>>>> 'burp' in the software right now).
>>>>> Finally, I will review the individuals who noted they would like to
>>>>> "champion" or "mentor" TinkerPop. I will read more about them, what
>>>>> these
>>>>> roles are, and provide thoughts to this thread once I fully grasp the
>>>>> situation.
>>>>> Thank you again,
>>>>> Marko.
>>>>> On Dec 17, 2014, at 5:25 PM, Henry Saputra <>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> No way, Marko! This is AWESOME!!
>>>>>> As many people had mentioned before, you need Champion who is Apache
>>>>> member and mentors who are member of Incubator PMCs.
>>>>>> And please do follow the format of the proposal as Hadrian
>>>>>> mentioned in
>>>>> his reply.
>>>>>> So excited!
>>>>>> - Henry
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