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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: Votes for git repos - commit id vs tag
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2014 22:15:34 GMT
> I recently found this confusing with the first parquet-format release. I
> thought that both commit id and tag were optional, given that the actual
> release candidate is a signed tarball (actually, the "necessary source code
> to build the project" [1]).

Commit id is not optional. Tag is.
The release candidate is a signed tarball, but I should be able to
take your source tree from the commit id, and get the exact same
tarball by following your release process. (Note that this applies
only to source tarballs - but those are the ones that matter). If I
can't arrive at the same exact tarball there's something amiss with
the release or the process.

> We can't necessarily recover the commit id from the tarball because the
> parent information is lost [2], so requiring the commit id is only useful
> for convenience and validating that a new tarball from git at the commit id
> matches the vote tarball. Is this validation done? Is it a requirement?
> If it isn't a requirement for a commit to match what is being voted on, then
> does it matter whether we use a tag for convenience or a commit id?
> We could also accept signed tags, though I don't know if there are issues
> that would prevent it.
> rb
> [1]:
> [2]: Unless using `git archive`:
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> Ryan Blue
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