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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [PROPOSAL] SAMOA for Apache Incubator
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2014 01:50:46 GMT
Just curious, at the risk of oversimplifying,
would it be fair to describe SAMOA as
"Mahout for Streaming"?


On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Daniel Dai <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to propose SAMOA as an Apache Incubator project.
> I've posted posted the text of the proposal below:
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> = SAMOA =
> == Abstract ==
> SAMOA is an an open-source platform for mining big data streams.
> == Proposal ==
> SAMOA provides a collection of distributed streaming algorithms for the
> most common data mining and machine learning tasks such as classification,
> clustering, and regression, as well as programming abstractions to develop
> new algorithms that run on top of distributed stream processing engines
> (DSPEs). It features a pluggable architecture that allows it to run on
> several DSPEs such as Apache Storm, Apache S4, and Apache Samza.
> == Background ==
> Hadoop and its ecosystem have changed the way data are processed by
> allowing to push algorithms to unprecedented scale. As an example, Mahout
> allows to run data mining and machine learning algorithms on very large
> datasets. However, Hadoop and Mahout are not suited to handle streaming
> data. Simply put, the goal of SAMOA is to provide a streaming counterpart
> to Mahout.
> == Rationale ==
> SAMOA aims to fill the current gap in tools for mining large scale streams.
> Many organizations can benefit from a scalable stream mining platform
> system such as SAMOA.
> SAMOA is a natural fit for the Apache Software Foundation. It is licensed
> under the ASL v2.0. It already interoperates with several existing Apache
> projects such as Storm, S4, and Samza. Furthermore, it is complementary to
> existing Apache projects such as Mahout. The initial committers are
> familiar with the Apache process and subscribes to the Apache mission.
> Indeed, the team includes multiple Apache committers. Finally, joining
> Apache will help coordinate the development effort of the growing number of
> organizations which contribute to SAMOA.
> == Initial Goals ==
> * Move the existing codebase to Apache
> * Integrate with the Apache development process
> * Incremental development and releases per Apache guidelines
> == Current Status ==
> SAMOA started as a research project at Yahoo Labs in 2013 and was
> open-sourced in October the same year. It has been under development on
> Yahoo's public GitHub repository since being open-sourced. It has undergone
> two releases (0.1, 0.2).
> === Meritocracy ===
> The SAMOA project already operates on meritocratic principles. Today, SAMOA
> has several developers and has accepted multiple patches from outside of
> Yahoo Labs. However, our intent with this incubator proposal is to start
> building a more diverse developer community around SAMOA that follows the
> Apache meritocracy model. We will identify all committers and PPMC members
> for the project operating under the ASF meritocratic principles. We plan to
> continue support for new contributors and work with those who contribute
> significantly to the project to make them committers.
> === Community ===
> SAMOA is currently being used internally at Yahoo. Acceptance into the
> Apache foundation would bolster the existing user and developer community
> around SAMOA. That community includes contributors from several
> institutions, active mostly on GitHub's pages. SAMOA has been starred more
> than 300 times and forked more than 50 times on GitHub as of November 2014.
> === Core Developers ===
> The core developers are a diverse group, many of which already very
> experienced with open source. There are two existing Apache committers,
> along with people from various companies and universities.
> === Alignment ===
> The ASF is the natural choice to host SAMOA. First, its goal of encouraging
> community-driven open-source projects fits with our vision for SAMOA.
> Additionally, many other projects that SAMOA is based on, such as Apache
> Storm, S4, Samza, and HDFS, are hosted by the ASF. Close proximity of SAMOA
> to these projects within the ASF will provide mutual benefit.
> == Known Risks ==
> === Orphaned Products ===
> Given the current level of investment in SAMOA the risk of the project
> being abandoned is minimal. There are several constituents who are highly
> incentivized to continue development, and Yahoo Labs relies on SAMOA as a
> platform for a large number of long-term research projects. However, the
> small number of initial committers might be a concern. We plan to address
> this issue during incubation by growing the community and the number of
> committers.
> === Inexperience with Open Source ===
> SAMOA has existed as a healthy open source project for one year. During
> this time, we have curated an open-source community successfully,
> attracting developers from a diverse group of universities and companies
> including Huawei, Yahoo, University of Porto, and Universitat Politecnica
> de Catalunya.
> Gianmarco is a committer for Apache Pig, Matthieu for Apache S4. Albert is
> one of the lead developers of MOA, an open-source tool for streaming
> machine learning.
> === Homogenous Developers ===
> The initial list of committers includes developers from several
> institutions, both academic and industrial. The committers are
> geographically distributed across Europe, America, and Asia.
> === Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
> Like most open source projects, SAMOA receives a substantial support from
> salaried developers. In addition, those working from within corporations
> often devote “after hours” or spare time in the project - and these come
> from several organizations. We will work to ensure the ability for the
> project to continuously be stewarded and to proceed forward independently
> of salaried developers.
> === Relationship with Other Apache Products ===
> SAMOA interoperates with several existing Apache project, mainly by using
> them as stream processing engines: Apache Storm, Apache S4, and Apache
> Samza. It also uses several other Apache components, including Apache Maven
> and several Apache Commons libraries.
> === A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
> SAMOA is already a healthy and relatively well known open source project.
> This proposal is not for the purpose of generating publicity. Rather, the
> primary benefits to joining Apache are those outlined in the Rationale
> section. We are more interested in establishing a strong community that can
> drive the project independently of Yahoo.
> == Documentation ==
> The reader will find these websites relevant:
> * SAMOA website:
> * SAMOA documentation:
> * Issue tracking:
> * Codebase:
> * User group:
> == Initial Source ==
> The SAMOA codebase is currently hosted on GitHub:
> This is the exact codebase that we would
> migrate to the Apache foundation.
> == Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
> Currently, the SAMOA codebase is distributed under an Apache license v2.0.
> The vast majority of code has copyright held by Yahoo. Upon entering the
> Incubator, Yahoo will grant a license to the Apache foundation. In certain
> cases where individuals or organizations hold copyright, we will ensure
> they grant a license to the Apache foundation. Going forward, all commits
> will be licensed directly to the Apache foundation through our signed
> Individual Contributor License Agreements for all committers on the project.
> == Cryptography ==
> We do not expect SAMOA to be a controlled export item due to the use of
> encryption.
> == External Dependencies ==
> To the best of our knowledge, all dependencies of SAMOA are distributed
> under Apache compatible licenses. Upon acceptance to the incubator, we
> would begin a thorough analysis of all transitive dependencies to verify
> this fact and introduce license checking into the build and release process
> (for instance integrating Apache Rat).
> == Required Resources ==
> === Mailing Lists ===
> We will migrate the existing SAMOA mailing lists as follows:
> * samoa-users@googlegroups -->
> * samoa-developers@googlegroups -->
> SAMOA commits are hosted on GitHub, so we would request the following
> mailing list:
> *
> We would also request the following mailing list:
> * (with moderated subscription)
> === Source control ===
> The SAMOA team would like to use Git for source control, due to our current
> use of Git. We request a writeable Git repo for SAMOA, and mirroring to be
> set up to GitHub through INFRA.
> *
> === Issue Tracking ===
> SAMOA currently uses GitHub for issue tracking. We will migrate to the
> Apache JIRA instance.
> == Initial Committers & Affiliations ==
> * Albert Bifet, Huawei, <abifet at waikato dot ac dot nz>
> * Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Yahoo Labs, <gdfm at apache dot org>
> * Nicolas Kourtellis, Yahoo Labs, <nkourtellis at gmail dot com>
> * Matthieu Morel, Yahoo Labs, <mmorel at apache dot org>
> * Arinto Murdopo, Living Analytics Research Centre, <arintom at smu dot edu
> dot sg>
> * Olivier Van Laere, BlueShift Labs, <olivier at getblueshift dot com>
> == Sponsors ==
> === Champion ===
> * Daniel Dai <daijy at apache dot org>
> === Nominated Mentors ===
> * Alan Gates <gates at apache dot org>
> * Ted Dunning <tdunning at apache dot org>
> * Ashutosh Chauhan <hashutosh at apache dot org>
> * Enis Soztutar <enis at apache dot org>
> === Sponsoring Entity ===
> The Apache Incubator

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