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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Usergrid 1.0.1 (incubating) RC3
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2014 02:14:20 GMT

Sorry but it -1 binding due to license and notice issues and there's a jar in the source release.

Looks to me that LICENSE and NOTICE still need a little bit of work. As per [1] there's no
need to add MIT or BSD licensed code to the NOTICE file.

SSToolkit is MIT licensed, Intro.js is MIT licensed and NPM MD5 is BSD licensed - these should
go into the LICENSE file not the NOTICE file. You might want to fix up the misspelling of
"product" at the same time.

I also notice an Apache header has been placed on a file that is not Apache licensed:

Looks like the same has happen here:

And also here:

There may be other instances of this.

The file is licensed under GPL (excluded) or CDDL (category
B) so some care is needed to be taken in including it in source form. [2]

There's also a few missing bundled bits missing from LICENSE
- Sphinx Theme (BSD)
- JQuery sparkline (BSD)
- NSubstitute (BSD)
- Moq i(BSD)
- BCrypt (BSD)

The file ./sdks/nodejs/LICENSE states it is MIT licensed is this correct?

You may also want to check these 2 files and there content is different to the other LICENSE
files in sdks.

Several JS files are missing the Apache header and may be licensed under other licenses and
perhaps also missing from LICENSE. What are the licenses of these files?
./portal/js/libs/MD5.min.js (is this the NPM MD5 mentioned in NOTICE?)
./portal/js/libs/jqueryui/jquery.ui.timepicker.min.js (possibly from here?

There are two version of boostrap, but only one is mentioned in LICENSE:

Finally there also a binary jar in the source release:


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