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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Incubator report sign-off
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2014 17:10:53 GMT
I noted in my comments on the recent Incubator board report that I am 
concerned, month after month, at the number of podlings that have no 
mentor sign-off at all, as well as the ones where a minority of the 
mentors sign-off.

I certainly don't expect that every mentor has their full attention on a 
podling every month, but I do expect that a podling that cares about its 
incubation will seek out that mentor sign-off, and that the mentors who 
have committed to help a podling into the family will have a few moments 
every few months to look in and approve a report.

The result, unfortunately, is that we have projects graduating with no 
notion of the importance of reporting, and so we have TLPs that look at 
reporting as a checkbox, submit exactly the same cut-and-paste report 
each month, some of them without even changing stats and dates, or skip 
their reporting entirely.

I don't mean to point fingers here - this is a problem that has existed 
literally since the beginning of the Incubator, and I'm not innocent of 
it myself. Indeed, I don't show up often enough even on this list.

But I wonder if we might, as the Board does, reject reports that have no 
sign-off, and force projects to report again the following month, in an 
attempt to require them to engage with their mentor(s) a little more? 
This seems like a small, easily reversible, step, that has a good chance 
of achieving something.


(Please note that I originally started this thread on the IPMC list, and 
some discussion has happened there, but it has been pointed out that 
it's more appropriate to have this conversation in public.)

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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