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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [IP CLEARANCE] Radii8 for Apache Flex
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 20:16:39 GMT

On 8/22/14 12:59 PM, "jan i" <> wrote:
>In my opinion you did the right thing, but I could not find the process
>ran through documented.
>I would have liked to see a txt file, documenting
>1) that you changed the files, of course with permission
>2) which files you removed.
>Having done that, would have avoided questions, and it was documented for
>the future.
OK, I will add that to the next review request after we resolve the
question about the one source file and the icons.  Do you have any
experience or opinion to offer on point #2 (below).
>> 2) Regarding icons.  The icons in question are common and trivial (">"
>> ">>" for 'more' and 'lots more', down arrow, etc).  My scanners did not
>> pick up any copyright notices in those files.  Folks with more
>> Does the grantor need to provide proof-positive in order to get
>> or do we trust the provenance if there is no evidence to the contrary?
>> 3) Is there a restriction agains PSD files?  We have some checked into
>> for our website already.
>Remark there is a big difference between having content (in general) on a
>web page, or part of a release
I saw your comment in a prior post about redistribution restrictions.  I
will investigate.


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